Ying Cui Peninsula one day recorded 3 trading

In the Ting Ching Peninsula, Tsing Yi, three transactions were recorded in one day, and two transactions in excess of $10 million were case-for-money buyers

Helian Fang of the United States said that the project has six high-rise B-room sea-view households with a usable area of 756 square meters, resold for 14.15 million yuan, and the price is 18,717 yuan. As for the 11 low-rise B-room gardeners, the practical area is 674 square feet, with a price of 11.05 million yuan and a price of 16,395 yuan.

Jones Lang LaSalle’s “Residential Sales Report” refers to one of the housing measures in the policy address to relax the mortgage insurance property ceiling, which will provide buyers with more choices

Therefore, it is believed that the focus of the developer will be from the construction of the nano-buildings to the development of other types of residential units. It is expected that the new supply of such fine units will be reduced as soon as possible in 2012.

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