Yuen Long agent or Saturday to avoid the parade

The unscrupulous violent wounding incident occurred in Yuen Long in the past Sunday (21st), which made the atmosphere in the district and surrounding areas tense

Some real estate agents have to close their doors in advance on Monday (22nd). Although the branches have been reopened yesterday, only the agent pointed out that there will be a parade on Yuen Long this Saturday (27th). Some branches will not be excluded on that day. Suspend business.

A spokesperson for the Midland Realty said that some of the Group’s affected Yuen Long, Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan branches were operating as usual yesterday

However, Chen Guangyu, the business director of the bank, pointed out that he would closely monitor the parade route in Yuen Long District on Saturday. Some branches had the opportunity to suspend business on the same day and dispatched colleagues of the bank to work in other branches to ensure the safety of colleagues.

Fang Qiming, senior senior business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, revealed that only one branch of the group under the Yuen Long West Rail Station had to be closed early on Monday

However, it has reopened the bank yesterday and has no plans to suspend some branches on Saturday. Business, but believe that a series of social activities will affect the company’s turnover more or less.

In addition, a spokesperson for Xiangyi Real Estate said that many branches of the company closed early on Monday and arranged for more than half of the employees to get off work early. The branches have been operating as usual.

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