Yuen Long new plate broke new low price of $9,900 Tsing Yi new disk oversubscribed 19.5 times

Yuen Long Xinpanshan Shuiying announced the first price list of the project, pushing 67 people

all of which are 3 bedroom units, the practical area is from 916 to 970 square feet, and the discounted price is 9,900 yuan. It is after the THE CARMEL in Tuen Mun. In 10 months, there will be a new price of less than 10,000 yuan.

Shanshuiying is a low-density pure residential project rarely seen in the New Territories in recent years

The first price list was launched with the “3 room high price”. The developer Lujin Real Estate said that the low price is the hope of attracting users who pursue a spacious living space. And long-term investors. There are a total of 9 landscapes, each with only 13 floors and 29 bungalows, providing a total of 331 households. More than 75% of the units are designed in 3 bedrooms and 1 suite with workshop and washroom. The project also provides even a garden, a rooftop or even a platform-specific household, as well as a small number of 2-room storage rooms and open-plan units. In addition, the project has ample parking spaces and provides 316 guest parking spaces, which is nearly 1 to 1 compared with residential units. All buyers can subscribe for one parking space at the first price list, each priced at 1.388 million yuan. The project is expected to be completed by the end of March 2021.

Mingqiaohui will be on sale this round

On the other side, Tsing Yi Ming Qiaohui made the second round of sales today, pushing 292 units, and oversubscribed 19.5 times earlier. As the first new private residential project in the Tsing Yi area in the past 15 years, coupled with the change of the building chain in the district, Mingqiao has continued to sell and is highly sought after. In the first round of sales, the unit with the highest transaction price was a C-room of 28th floor, with a saleable area of ​​410呎, the transaction price was 7.592 million yuan, and the transaction price was 18,517 yuan.

Yan Jingfeng, Director of Business and Marketing of Garmin Group, said: “The three-bedroom apartment is highly sought after by the changers. The project has successfully sold 8 sets of three-bedroom and multi-purpose rooms with washroom units.”

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