Yuen Long Unbound Village House 3.5 million shots

Second-hand trading was turned to live, and no unit was also accepted

The loyalty auction yesterday launched a number of unsuccessful property auctions and successfully sold two units. Among them, No. 35, Anlong Village, Xintian, Yuen Long, the whole building has a height of 3 storeys, a practical area of 935 square feet, and even a 320-foot roof.

It belongs to the unlicensed building

The asking price is 3.2 million yuan, which is obtained by the array buyer and finally sold at 3.5 million. It is about 9% higher than the offer price.

Secondly, Room 9 of the middle floor of Guangbai Building, 3 Guangyuan Village, Sha Tin, was auctioned by the court

The saleable area was 407 square feet, and the free market price was 2.78 million yuan. The price was about 6,830 yuan.

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