Yuen Long Unbound Village House price is only three thousand seven

Loyalty launched 14 property auctions yesterday and sold 2 groups

Zheng Shijie, general manager of the auction department of the bank, said that the single village house in Anlong Village, Xintian, Yuen Long (pictured) is a non-compliance, with an area of 935 square meters. 320呎, the price of 3.2 million, each price of 100,000, won 3 groups of customers to buy, is now sold at 3.5 million, the price of 3743 yuan, the high price of 9%, is the market price level, because the project does not have a deed, bank No mortgage will be offered and the buyer will be purchased by “Full Pay".

In addition, the high-rise single room of Guangbo Building, 3 Guangyuan Village, Shatian, covers an area of 407 square meters

It is a court order unit. At the same time, it does not provide a building deed. The free market is offered at a price of 2.78 million and sold at a price of RMB 6830. Zheng said that since the silver master will only provide a limited amount of land premium, the difference needs the buyer’s own support, so it is the market price level.

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