23 million “nails" in Zeng Zhaoxuan Building, Central

Capital Strategy (00497) Acquired the majority of the ownership of the Zeng Zhaoyan Building in Central, just “pick up" with a high price of 23 million yuan, successfully unifying the title, no need to take a strong shot


According to the Land Registry information, Room E, 5th Floor, Zeng Zhaoyu Building, 160-164 Wellington Street, with a transaction price of 23 million yuan, the new buyer is GO SONIC LIMITED, a capital strategy related person. The original owner purchased 4.6 million yuan in 2014, holding goods for 5 years, and the book profit was 18.4 million yuan, an increase of 4 times.

The Capital Strategy applied for a strong auction to the Lands Tribunal last year

At that time, it had successfully acquired 98% of the title. Only the 5th floor unit failed to purchase. According to the strong document, the E room on the 5th floor is valued at 6.92 million yuan, and the current transaction price is 16.08 million yuan (2.3 times) higher than the valuation.

The project site area is about 4,206 square meters and it is estimated that it can be reconstructed into a commercial building with a total floor area of about 63,000 square feet

The ground floor to the first floor of the building was originally a nostalgic Cantonese-style tea house, Lianxiang Building. It has been renamed as the Lotus Tea Room.

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