Zhang Jianzong sent a letter to all civil servants. Thank you for your loyalty and social stability

Zhang Jianzong sent a letter to all civil servants. Thank you for your loyalty and social stability.

The government announced that it has suspended the revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and hopes to focus on economic and people’s livelihood issues. However, some demonstrators have recently launched a number of so-called “non-cooperative movements" to surround the police headquarters and occupy the government. Buildings, etc. have a serious impact on civil servants and the public. The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, sent a letter to all civil servants yesterday, pointing out that the Government Office Buildings in Admiralty and Wan Chai, especially the closure of the Government Headquarters, have caused inconvenience and anxiety to civil servants. I hope Members can understand.

Huang Weilun: The social atmosphere turned loose

In his letter, Mr Cheung said that he would like to thank the civil servants for their dedication to serving the public as they have in the past. However, the safety of civil servants is of paramount importance. The Government will continue to closely monitor the situation and make feasible and appropriate arrangements. He reiterated that Hong Kong’s achievements today are not easy to come by. We should cherish it and hope that Hong Kong can return to calm as soon as possible, let go of disputes and start again. He also hopes that civil servants will continue to uphold professionalism, strive to serve the public, rebuild mutual trust and jointly safeguard the core values ​​of Hong Kong’s success, including the rule of law, judicial independence, human rights, freedom, tolerance and pluralistic societies.

Chen Maobo: The government is determined to improve

The Financial Secretary, Mr Chan Mao-po, talked about the amendments at the dinner of the Internet Professional Association last night. He pointed out that the most important task at present is to repair the social rift caused by the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. The Chief Executive and officials have been working hard for many times. I sincerely apologize and ask the public to accept it. I hope that all sectors of the community will support the government to start again. He continued to point out that the government has made great determination to improve itself and will strive to rebuild Hong Kong’s international image and the international community’s confidence in Hong Kong. He added that the rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s social and economic development. The SAR Government has the responsibility to uphold it and deal with illegal and violent acts in an impartial, fair and impartial manner, emphasizing that any breach or damage to the rule of law cannot be accepted.

The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, revealed that the details of the “Land Sharing Pilot Scheme" were originally submitted to the Chief Executive from June to July this year. However, the recent social atmosphere is tight and may require more time to adjust. Details will be announced after the decision is made. He pointed out that an important part of the pilot scheme is that 60 to 70% of the new floor area is used for the construction of public housing. At the same time, private developers are profitable. Therefore, the Government should carefully study how to persuade the community to achieve a balance. He said that it does not feel that the Government is already paralyzed, but the atmosphere is somewhat less tight. If the atmosphere is more relaxed, it will be better to introduce individual policies.

The Secretary for Food and Health, Mr Chan Chan, also attended the launching ceremony of the Chinese Medicine Development Fund. He also mentioned the turmoil in the amendments. It is a turbulent time for the Government to describe what happened in the past two weeks. I hope that I can start again. In response to the incident that the police headquarters was surrounded, some people abused the ambulance service. In response to the incident, she said that the medical staff would divert the patients and appropriate treatment according to the situation.

Tang Yingnian: Thinking about repairing social tears

Tang Yingnian, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, told the media yesterday that he did not want the Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue to resign. He believed that the Chief Executive had painstakingly thought about ways to repair social tears. Whether other principal officials and members of the Executive Council need to be accountable for stepping down, he believes that it should be decided by Lin Zhengyue and whether adjustments should be made. At the same time, Tang Yingnian stressed that he will not run for the election of the chief executive and will continue to serve the society in different positions.

Tang Yingnian continued that the core responsibility of police officers is to protect the lives and property of citizens and prevent crimes. It cannot be said that the force used by police officers in the performance of their duties is not appropriate. However, before the law, everyone is equal. I believe the Attorney General will find a clear second. Chu, before deciding whether to lodge a complaint, should not be interfered by others. As for whether it is necessary to set up an independent investigation committee on the recent conflict between police and civilians, he said that it is unfair to investigate the police unilaterally, and it is difficult to investigate both police officers and demonstrators.

Lin Zhengcai: Strengthening the development of economy and people’s livelihood

In addition, the Executive Council retired again yesterday. It has been suspended for two weeks. The Government has not explained the reasons. When Lin Zhengcai, a member of the guild, was asked about the reasons for the recess, he said that the members of the guild had close liaison with the chief executive and thought that the decision of the president of the guild was appropriate. He also said that the bank will have its own calendar and procedures, and it is not worried that the work of the guild will be affected by the recent events. I believe that the government will consider it according to the calendar. Regarding the proposal to establish an independent investigation committee on the recent conflict between police and civilians, Lin Zhengcai agreed with Zhu Minjian, former secretary general of the IPCC. He hoped that the IPCC would investigate the more than 30 complaints received as soon as possible and with the utmost intensity. As to whether the Government has officials who need to be held accountable, he believes that the Chief Executive will measure the governance team and expect the community to give space and create an effective governance environment to develop the economy and people’s livelihood.

Another member of the guild, Zhou Songgang, said that regardless of whether the government announced the withdrawal of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, the relevant legislative work has now ceased. When asked if the Executive Council needed to be reorganized, he said that the guild had been functioning and that the issue had to be decided by the Chief Executive. When he talked about the two-week recess of the guild, he said that whether the meeting was held or not was decided by Lin Zhengyue after considering the agenda and work of the guild.

Liang Meifen: Balanced stakeholder opinion

A number of Legislative Council members also talked about the police-civilian conflict incidents caused by the amendments yesterday. After accepting a radio program interview, Liang Meifen, a member of the Legislative Council of the National People’s Liberation Federation, said that she did not believe that the establishment of an independent investigation committee should be based on the pressure of the masses, but on the basis of legal principles. She hoped to balance the opinions of different stakeholders and called on the public to give time to discuss. . She also said that young demonstrators who did not rule out a small number of anti-revisions were encouraged by foreign forces, but believed that most of them were based on the feelings of loving Hong Kong, describing the deep contradiction between the government and young people. Regarding the view that the accountable officials should step down, Mrs Leung responded that the Government needs to face the accountability system and restore its prestige. I believe that the Chief Executive attaches importance to the polls and has political wisdom to deal with this problem seriously. He will leave time for the other party to “deliver homework".