Zhaoan Li Tai 825 million to buy Bai Jianshi Dao Ning Court

Zhaoan Li Tai 825 million to buy Bai Jianshi Dao Ning Court

Luxury homes have a market price and attract investors. According to the Land Registry, the 12 units of Ningyuan, 41-45 Baijianshi Road, East Mid-Levels, have 12 parking spaces with a total amount of 825 million yuan. The registered buyer is Baolin Co., Ltd., and the directors include Zhao’an Real Estate, Li Tai Li, Shao Hong, Li Wenhui and Li Yingliu. Among the batch of units, the most expensive ones were the first floor of No.43 Baijianshi Road, with a saleable area of ​​1,650 square feet. The parking space was sold for 75 million yuan, equivalent to RMB 45,455. According to the data, the project was completed in 1965. It was originally a civil service cooperative. In 2016, there were small owners jointly selling the project. At that time, the asking price was nearly 1 billion yuan.

Consortium 130 million buy free road 6

According to the information of the Land Registry, the old buildings aged 1B to 1C, Ho Man Tin, and the old buildings over 60 years old were purchased by the consortium for $130 million. The purchase price ranged from $18 million to $30 million. From 16,000 to 22,000 yuan, the new buyer is Huiyu International Investment Co., Ltd. The director of the company is Wang Huiyu (WUI, HUIYU). Although the English name is Mandarin, he holds a Hong Kong identity card. The market expects that the consortium will purchase the property for reconstruction.

Liao Weilin 200 million into the Haifu Center

According to market news, the third floor of the 1st floor of the Queensway Centre is about 6565 square meters. It has recently changed hands in the form of “selling shells” (ie, the company has transferred), involving about 200 million yuan, and the price is about 30,500 yuan. The original owner was purchased in 2009 for approximately RMB 53.8 million, and the book profit was approximately RMB 146 million or 2.7 times. The new purchaser is Liao Weilin, Chairman of the Group, or a related person. The monthly rent of $430,000 was changed and the rental return was about 2.6 per cent.