Zheng Zhigang has allocated 28,000 baht to the social enterprises to have a light: to create a creative “Guangcun"

The demand for housing in Hong Kong is strong, and many grassroots families are even more difficult

New World Development announced at the results briefing yesterday that the three sites in the vicinity of Tin Shui Wai MTR Station will be allocated to the social enterprises to “have light" to create the first theme of creativity and culture in Hong Kong. The social housing project “Guang Cun" will provide over 100 units after its completion. The operation period is 28 years and the target has benefited over 10,000 grassroots citizens.

Yu Weiye, the founder of “There is Light", revealed that the entire “Guangcun" project covers an area of ​​nearly 28,000 square feet and can be built over 100 units, each with an area of ​​about 300 square feet. The initial concept of the project will be developed in phases and is expected to be completed as soon as possible in 2022. Yu Weiye said that the main rental target for “Guang Cun" is for families with children. Young applicants will also be considered. The rent period for each household is not more than 3 years. There is no queuing system. The tenants need to be matched and the rent will be far lower than the market. The level will be determined by the income and expenditure of individual households. The target will benefit over 10,000 grassroots people.

Pushing the grassroots upwards is not a cheap boudoir

The “Guang Cun" project was promoted by Mr. Zheng Zhigang, Executive Vice President and General Manager of New World Development. He directly allocated land to “have to have light" to develop social housing, which has never been seen before in Hong Kong. Yu Weiye said with a smile that the two sides had already joined the “Light House" project and, on the basis of the success of “Light House", once again explored how to develop new housing models in an innovative way, including making good use of ready-made idle land. Signed a memorandum of cooperation on the “Light Village" plan. He stressed that the existing “light house", “light house" and even the future “light village" are not designed to tie in with temporary housing areas or cheap mortuaries for waiting for public housing families. The quality of life and personal development of the public, through the establishment of neighbourhood care and small communities, and the tailor-made personal development plan of the “Guang Cun" manager, promote grassroots upward mobility.

The theme of creative culture is to create “Light Room 3.0″

As the first creative social housing project in Hong Kong, “Guang Cun" will focus on creativity and culture, including inviting young architects and designers to participate in the design of some units or shared facilities. It will also be more scaled than “Light House". Community support, such as cultural reading activities and the relatively lack of creative children’s play facilities in the community. Yu Wai-yin described “Guang Cun" as “Light House 3.0″. In addition to meeting the needs of social housing, the project hopes to promote grassroots mobility, care for children’s development and build community cohesion, and practice “one project, four benefits". idea.

The New World has been co-operating with “To Have Light" in 2016. At that time, New World made a donation through the Chow Tai Fook Charity Fund to rehabilitate and renew the “Light House" in Sham Tseng.

The new world has set aside a total of more than 28,000 flats in the vicinity of Tin Shui Wai MTR Station to build a first creative culture, “Guang Cun", to promote grassroots families to improve their quality of life. The picture shows Zheng Zhigang (right), Executive Vice President and General Manager of New World Development, and Yu Weiye (left), founder and CEO of “To Have Light".

Yu Wai-ye said that the “Guang Cun" project will directly allocate land to the social enterprises to develop social housing in the new world. It has never been seen before in Hong Kong. It is also groundbreaking and can also play a leading role in allowing the community to think more about affordable housing development. mode.

Sham Tsang “Light House" is equipped with facilities for children’s activity rooms, manual rooms and aerial farms for tenants. It also organizes regular workshops to bring the neighbours closer together.

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