10 new shares hit the war, pumping 14.7 billion, flying cranes today, two inner houses competing

New stocks have entered the peak period

Today, three new shares have joined the melee. A total of 10 new shares are being offered, and a total of about 14.733 billion yuan has been raised. The largest fund raising of China Feihe (06186), the international placement is reported to have been fully subscribed. . Guo Jia’an, director of securities business of Fortune Securities, said that the new stock market has cooled down compared with the recent days. It may not only be listed but can be up, and it is expected that the public offering will exceed 20 times of the over-purchase or the new shares of medical students can be higher.

Experts suggest that small notes recognize flying cranes

China Feihe will be offered from next day to next Tuesday (November 5), with an offer price ranging from 7.5 yuan to 10 yuan. It plans to sell 893.3 million shares, raising a maximum of 8.933 billion yuan; 1,000 shares per lot, admission fees up to 10100.77 yuan It is expected to be listed on November 13.

China Feihe’s forecast P/E ratio is only 12.2 to 16.2 times next year, and the larger part of the industry is low. Liu Hua, executive director and vice financial officer of the company, explained that the price is not high because the company focuses on the shareholder structure and hopes to introduce more long-term funds. Executive Director and President Cai Fangliang expects that the trend of high-end milk powder in the Mainland will continue. The company will concentrate on high-end products and extend the product line in the future. It plans to launch products suitable for 4 to 6 years old, as well as organic milk powder. He revealed that the company’s Canadian plant can be put into production soon, mainly for the production of goat milk powder.

Some mainland fund managers said that China Feihe is a “one brother” in the mainland milk powder industry. The valuation of the IPO is relatively cheap. It is expected that there will be considerable growth after listing. However, the view of retail investors is relatively light. Guo Jiaan said that customers are still in the Mainland. The milk powder industry has a doubtful attitude and is currently inclined to subscribe for small bets.

Tianbao raised 620 million yuan 3131 yuan admission

Two other domestic houses also started offerings today. Among them, Xinli Holdings (02103), which develops real estate mainly in Jiangxi Province and Dawan District, is offering shares from today to next Friday (November 8). The IPO price per share is 3.3. Yuan to 4.25 yuan, the sale of 529 million shares, of which 10% of the public offering, fundraising amount of 1.747 billion to 2.25 billion Hong Kong dollars; 1000 shares per hand, admission fee of 4292.83 yuan, is expected to be listed on November 15.

China Tianbao Group (01427), which is mainly developed in Hebei Province, is offering shares from today to next Monday (November 4). The offer price is between 2.39 and 3.1 yuan per share, and 200 million shares are issued, 10% of which are on sale, raising 478 million. To 620 million yuan; 1,000 shares per hand, admission fee 3131.24 yuan, is expected to be listed on November 11.

Yesterday, 4 new shares were closed for subscription, and the property management unit Yincheng Life (01922) was loaned by 9 brokers for a total of about 3.691 billion yuan, which is equivalent to over 241.8 times of the over-purchase of the public offering; as for Yimei International (01870) ), Xinji Shaxi (03603) and Wenling’s cutting tool (01379) are less than 7 times overbooked.

In addition, the British “Financial Times” quoted the news that China’s short audio and video platform (TikTok) parent company byte beat, has chosen Hong Kong instead of listing in New York, plans to list as soon as possible in the first quarter of next year, reportedly hired legal counsel, And consider selling its US news content business TopBuzz to reduce political resistance; however, when byte hopping responded to mainland media enquiries, it said that the IPO report in the first quarter of next year was not true.

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