After the policy address, there will be about 246 people in the new trading day, 110 people in the sale of Aihai, and 103 in the market

After the policy report announced the relaxation of the first mortgage, the two large new flats were on sale on the same day

Aihaiyi sold 110 people in the first round, while Huiyi III sold 103 people, and together with the new daily inventory list, about 246 people. The new market is booming.

Cheung Kong (01113) and the URA of Cheung Sha Wan, the URA, sold 218 pairs in the first round yesterday. The discounted price ranged from 7.05 million to 166.897 million yuan, and the discount price was 14,055 to 21,916 yuan.

Aihaiyu 100 gang raises the price by about 1%

Mr Cheung Kwok-hung, executive director of Cheung Kong, said that the policy address announced yesterday announced that the Huimin measures can be described as “timely rain". The 90% guarantee will be extended to 8 million yuan to help the public get on the train. The market responds well and believes in trading volume. It has a stimulating effect, but it has not affected the property price too much. No negative assets have appeared. The Government will continue to increase the supply of land in the future and the Group will actively cooperate with the Government’s policy to help stabilize the property market.

The project sold 110 people on the same day. Zhao said that he would be satisfied with the sales. The promotion will be discussed with the URA. The unsold units also have some room for price increases. A group of large group did not sell 21 groups, among which family members spent about 57 million yuan, purchased 4 units, including 2 2 and 2 3 households, and the buyer spent 32 million yuan to buy 3 groups. Aihai’s unsold units in the price list that had been uploaded earlier involved about 100 priced, and the unit increased by about 1%.

The government announced that the relaxation of mortgages has not had much impact on the sales of the project. As the project has a discounted price of less than 8 million yuan, there are only 8 units, and units ranging from 8 million to 10 million yuan account for more. Calculated by mortgage, the first phase still needs 1.6 million yuan, which may not attract the buyers to enter the market.

Xindi (00016) Southwestern Kowloon Huiyi III also opened and sold 178 groups in the third round yesterday. The market news indicated that 103 people were on the market today, accounting for about 58%.

The project sold 178 gangs in the form of price lists and sold 57 gangs in the form of tenders. The big buyer group group A, as of 10:30 am, the first hour of the sale, 12 units have been selected by the big buyers.

Recorded about 8 deals

At 11 o’clock in the morning, buyers of Group B also reported one after another. As far as the reporters were concerned, many prospective buyers waited in line to enter the sales floor to purchase. According to the on-site consumption table, the 6-seat D and 7-seat C and D rooms are more popular among buyers, both 1 and 2, while the open units below 300 square feet are slow to consume.

In addition to the above two new trading, the surplus market has also seen a prosperous market. Among them, the transaction was the most active in Kai Tak Chung Estate. About 8 transactions were recorded in a single day. The transaction price ranged from $8.2031 million to $138.891 million. The survey was conducted on Wednesday (16th), the transaction on the day of the announcement of the policy address. Many home buyers also adopted the construction period plan payment plan.

On the same day, there were also a number of transactions in the same directory. In the morning, there were also 7 transactions in the Grand Riviera. The transaction price ranged from 61.668 million to 944.12 million, of which 5 million were under 8 million yuan. Trading has a positive effect.

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