Amoy Industrial Village approved construction of commercial and residential buildings

The Buildings Department announced that the building plans approved in May involved 18 applications, including eight residential and commercial developments

One of the Amoy Industrial Villages, which was held by Hang Lung Properties (101) and had a mini-cylinder fire in 2016, was approved to build a 31-storey high-rise commercial and residential building, and a 3-storey platform and a 1-storey basement. The residential part involves 151,315. Fang Wei, not the residential part, is involved in 26,755 square floors, with a total floor area of ​​about 178,070 square feet.

The Hung Hom Whampoa Redevelopment Project, which was acquired by Henderson Land (012) for many years – 30-50 South Gili South Road, 75-81 Baker Street, 23-41 Wong Po Street, and 12A to 22A Po Chun Lei Street, Three 25-storey and 27-storey high-rise commercial buildings were approved.

The residential part involved 281,529 square meters, while the non-residential part involved 55,152 square meters of floor space, with a total floor area of ​​336,681 square feet

In terms of luxury homes, China Resources Land (1109) approved the construction of 10 three-storey high-rise houses and one high-rise clubhouse at No. 39 Shoushan Village Road, South District, which was purchased for 5.929 billion yuan last year. The total floor area is about 68,998 square meters. Based on this calculation, the land price per week is 85,930 yuan.

Cheung Sha Hotel is approved to build a commercial building

Changshi (1113) Hong Kong Red Dragon Road No. 8 Bay Xuan Hotel was approved to build two 13-storey commercial buildings, and another two-storey basement, involving 1,156,500 square meters of floor space. In addition, the city’s new building, No. 423-425, New Reclamation Street, Mong Kok, was sold for $300 million.

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