Ap Lei Chau new flats with similar surveyors

The seawall with private buildings in Hong Kong was damaged by the strong typhoon, and the small owners were afraid to bear large maintenance costs

Apart from the completed private buildings, the newspaper found that there are Linhai New Plates and the Ap Lei Chau Lei Nam Road project which are applying for pre-sale of uncompleted flats. The land leases have the same clauses. The owners will also have to repair the seawall at their own expense in the future. The surveyor said that under the “First-hand Residential Property Sales Ordinance", the developer should set out the relevant maintenance responsibilities in the sales brochure and urge the public to “satisfy" when buying flats.

According to the information, the above-mentioned land was acquired by the mainland developers Longguang Real Estate and Hejing Taifu for 16.86 billion yuan

It was the “land king" of Hong Kong at that time. The development project involved 289 people, which is expected to be completed in 2022. When the “Mangosteen" struck last year, the Ap Lei Chau Sewage Treatment Centre was hit by huge waves and some of the seawalls collapsed. It is understood that the site of the Connaught Road adjacent to the site was also threatened by flooding. The developer subsequently changed the residential design, including Raise the platform and so on.

Lands Department: Private developers of seawalls: Government jurisdiction The newspaper obtained the letter from the developer and the Lands Department last year, which involved disputes over the maintenance of seawalls. The Lands Department stated that there were seawalls damaged by typhoons in the lot and required developers. The maintenance plan was submitted, but the developer refutes that the seawall is a monolithic structure, and the damaged part is the exposed structure of the sea surface. It is beyond the scope of the lot and should be in the Government’s jurisdictions. It is considered that the responsibility for maintenance is still not clear. Suitable (notappropriate) submission plan.

In July, the reporter interviewed KWG and the Lands Department. The spokesman of KWG reported that the project is still under construction and will not comment. The Lands Department has not received any plans to install or repair the seawall submitted by the developer. And emphasize that the seawall belongs to the private section and the owner is responsible for maintenance in the future.

Surveyor urges government to list responsibility for maintenance of seawall

The surveyor, Mr PAN Wing-hing, said that he would not comment on individual examples. However, in general, if the land lease has “maintenance" (maintenance), “owner responsibility is swaying", but if the seawall needs to be “reconstructed" in the future to defend against the huge waves, then " It may exceed the “maintenance" level, or you need to go to court to decide who is responsible. He said that the storm surge in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Government’s efforts to promote the reclamation project such as “Lantau Island tomorrow" have a major responsibility for maintenance of the seawall. I urge the Government to add “seawall" provisions as soon as possible, such as private slopes. The developer is required to specify the responsibility for the maintenance of the seawall in the sales brochure. It is also necessary to enhance public publicity. “How else would the ordinary public know that repairing the seawall works is not trivial?"

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