Welcome to the sea. Jun shore attracts investors, intends to push rent return guarantee

after the project was opened for the public to visit the demonstration unit of the new building, the average daily number of visitors was over 1,000

The source of tourists came mainly from users in the same district and Shatian District. There are also foreign investors. In view of this, the project will provide a rental return guarantee plan to attract investors.

Lin Damin said that the 13 people launched earlier in the project, now sold 1 group, are 6 rooms on the 26th floor, Room A, with a transaction price of about 27.61 million and a price of about 19,000. Following the additional discounts offered by the developers earlier, the agent also launched a new sales deployment. Lijiage provided travel offers to buyers with a total of 3 places with a total value of 150,000.

514 off the shore

The Group’s development of the Red Dragonfly has already sold 514 gangs, accounting for 93% of the total number of members, and a total of about 3 billion. The 20 new groups that were launched earlier were also cleared on the same day. The daily discount was about 106 million, and the average transaction price was about 22,000. It is considering pushing the unit in response to the situation. It is expected to issue a new round of sales arrangements next week.

Tangren New Village to be approved for sale

For the Group’s push-up plan, Lin said that the Yuen Long Tangren New Village project is about to be approved for sale. It will be sold at the end of the year and will be priced before the sale. Tangren New Village is a bungalow project involving 16 groups and is expected to be sold in the form of a current building.

In addition, there is a voice in the community suggesting that the Government should adopt the Land Acquisition Ordinance to reclaim land for building. Lin Damin said that the Real Estate Developers Association had expressed his views and the Group also agreed with the Government.

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