The public needs to buy a building

The policy address has pushed 90 million flats to enjoy a 90% mortgage

The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Mrs Chan, said that the measures are to provide a number of choices to the public. But the emphasis is on the public to do their best to buy flats. The Government has never said the public. When should I enter the market?

The government has never said when it should enter the market

After the news of the relaxation of mortgage insurance came out, the second-hand property price appeared to be closed at an anti-price. Chen Fan was asked yesterday about the impact of the measures on the property market. He pointed out that no one has a crystal ball. The Government has never said when the public should enter the market. He stressed that the relevant arrangements made by the insurance company are “professional judgments" and appeal to the community to guess the reasons behind it.

Chen Fan stressed that the public must work hard to buy a building, and the price of the property is affected by the global economy, the local economy, supply and demand and employment

The mortgage is only one of the factors

“The measure is to provide multiple choices for the public to have one channel to raise the first phase of funding." Mr Chan also pointed out that the public should understand that there are different needs of the community for the purchase of flats. Members should understand that the public should have a relatively small burden. Some of them are relatively young. Affordable people, but the first phase of the burden is relatively large. Through the mortgage insurance company, the public can help the public to get on the car. The insurance mechanism can also control the risk and raise the ceiling of the mortgage loan to provide the public with a channel to raise the first phase.

This year’s policy address proposes a measure to relax the mortgage insurance. The maximum price limit for the first home buyers to apply for a mortgage of up to 90% will be raised from $4 million to $8 million. The maximum price limit for mortgage loans of up to 80% will be applied. It will be raised from 6 million yuan to 10 million yuan, which will greatly reduce the burden of the first phase of the public entering the market.

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