Camel Paint Center has a monthly rent of one million

The whole building of the Kwun Tong Camel Paint Center, which was purchased by Deng Chengbo for about 1.08 billion yuan years ago, has been leased to a real experience hall for a period of about three months

Market news estimates that the project has a basic monthly rent of more than 1 million yuan and has a turnover share. The property is located at the junction of Kai Tong Road and Hing Yip Street in Kwun Tong. It is 7 stories high.

The World Bank’s Doing Business in 2020 report shows that New Zealand won the global business convenience ranking with 86.8 points, followed by Singapore with 86.2 points

Hong Kong ranked third with 85.3 points, one higher than last year. China is ranked 31st. The above report mainly reflects commercial activities before May this year.

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