Capital chasing coal stocks can pay attention

Hong Kong stocks rebounded after a small return and maintained a good trend in the past half-month

The adjustment of A-shares in the Mainland has not been completed. The turnover of Hong Kong stocks has not been completed. It is difficult to get out of the dilemma. The funds are turning backward or low-lying stocks. Coal stocks can be noticed, but it is hard to remember the bottom. High, we must do what we can. The Hang Seng Index climbed higher after opening 84 points, closing at the highest level in the whole day, closing at 26,797 points, up 231 points or 0.87%; the H-Share Index rose 0.78%. The market turnover was 68.7 billion yuan, which was more than 10% below 60 days. According to the “Ming Pao" Hong Kong stock database, the rate of increase or decrease is 77 to 23, which is more than 3%, accounting for 10% of the increase; the candlestick is 69 to 31 for the black candlestick. The market is generally rising, and the buying is positive but the momentum is not strong. Since October 10th, the market has been optimistic for two or three consecutive days (up and down), and there will be a small return (slow and rise). On the 11th, there will be a good 8th day, showing a reversal trend.

The 30 industries tracked by this newspaper database have increased by 90%

Only retail and education, Chinese-funded electricity and aviation have fallen, with a drop of less than 0.2%. Nearly half of the overall increase was about 1% or more. Gaming and leisure increased by 2%, followed by construction and materials, metals and ore, which rose by more than 1.5%.

The gambling stocks are doing well, Wynn Macau (1128) and MGM China (2282), which have lost their peers in the middle line, rose 4% and 5% yesterday, the best performance; on the contrary, the strong mid-line new (0200) yesterday Less than 2% rose to the same industry. China Railway (0390), metal ore Angang (0347) and Minmetals Resources (1208), which have been in the low-end for many years, surged, and China Resources Cement (1313), which has a strong mid-line, did not rise or fall.

Kewang Education stocks see low fishing IGG rose nearly 6%

The Internet and education stocks also saw low-yield or weak positions. In the two- or three-year low IGG (0799), it rose nearly 6% yesterday. Yesterday, the referendum watched the high-ranking Zhongan (6060) soared 10%. The healthline doctors (1833) and Meituan (3690), which are strong in the middle line, are soft and persistent. ASM Pacific ( 0522 ) fell sharply after rising to a high on Wednesday, and Rui Sheng, who was chasing after the day, tried a five-month high. Strong education stock New Oriental Online (1797) fell more than 2% yesterday, while the low-resistance Maple Leaf (1317) rose 2.5%.

However, it does not mean that the strong stocks have been abandoned. Bosideng (3998), China National Offshore Oil Service (3998), Run Burn (3998), Greentown Service (2869), Kangzhe (0867), Zhongsheng (0881), etc. are still rising strongly. Among them, after a two-month high consolidation, the COSL suit broke through and strayed into the city.

Yancoal returned to China two weeks ago. It is not appropriate to lower the old economic stocks such as infrastructure and metal ore below 8 yuan, and coal stocks can pay attention. Shenhua (1088) and China Coal (1898) softened after the bombs in August and September. The coal mine (1171), which is the only one in the industry, has returned to strength two weeks ago. Once it can regain 8.5 yuan, it will be expected to challenge. 9.2 yuan high, but should not be lower than 8 yuan. Yancoal’s interim results announced a special dividend of RMB 1 per share, which will be netted on the 11th of next month.

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