Cheung Sha Wan Housing Estate has a low trading volume

The overall property prices are downwards. Among them, the “Four Little Dragons Estates" in Cheung Sha Wan are now being sold at low prices

The market has also seen buyers taking the opportunity to enter the market. However, the trading volume is low. Sheng Yue lived in September, and there were 2 units in succession. The cost fell below the “8 balls", which lowered the average price of the month. In addition, Yu Qingxuan has a price reduction of 1.8 million units for 3 units and 1 unit, and sold for 10.5 million yuan. The cost is 100,000 yuan for the pure 3 bedroom.

Mr. Xie Zheng, the co-director of the Lijiage Real Estate, said that the “Four Little Dragon Houses" in Cheung Sha Wan are Sheung Yue Estate, Yu Ching Estate, Lei King Terrace and the blue sea and blue sky, together with the adjacent No. 1. In West Kowloon and Xinghuiju, about 22 transactions were recorded in September, and 18 were recorded in August. There was no further contraction in trading and trading, as the owners continued to accept the market conditions and fell in price. As for the first week of October, the temporary recording 1 case.

Sheng Yueju 2 rooms do not need “8 balls"

Xie said that in 2, the price of the two houses was lower than “8 balls" in September, and the average average price of the housing estates was lowered to about 15,800 yuan. The average average price of the estates in August was lower. About 18,000 yuan. Shengyueju is one of the low-priced transactions. It is a 6-story low-rise room D. The utility area is 491 square meters. The 2 rooms are separated. Looking to the industrial and commercial building in Changwan area, it will be released for about 3 months. The original price was 8.5 million. The market price level, the general middle-level unit price is generally more than 9 million, but the market conditions reversed, the original owner eventually reduced to 7.45 million units will be sold, the price of 15,173 yuan, the cost returned to January this year.

Yu Qingxuan 3 rooms 10.5 million change hands

Shengyueju 1 other 2 rooms cost less than 8 million transactions, 5 low-rise C rooms, 522 square meters of practical area, Wang Neiyuan and housing estates, the original owner first called the price of 9 million in July, after the period The price was lowered by 2 times, and the decrease was 1.2 million, which was 13%. The unit was sold to the foreign customers with a price of 7.8 million yuan. The price was 14943 yuan, which was a low price of 15,000 in recent months. At present, there are about 20 listings in Shengshengju, and one-bedroom households are short of orders. The asking prices for 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom households are about 8.1 million and 13.5 million respectively.

As for the 9 transactions in Yu Ching Hin in September, it is the most in the “Four Little Dragons Estates". The Hong Kong Property Manager, Mr Wong Ming-yiu, said that the unit of the sale of Yu Ching-kwai was a low-rise C-room with a saleable area of ​​605 sq ft and 3 bedrooms. Interval, the owner had a price of 11.8 million for sale in March of this year. After that, it was not sold until the mid-August release. The asking price was raised to 12.3 million, and the final reduction was 1.8 million, with a turnover of 10.5 million. 554 square  pure 3 bedroom units, with 10.6 million.

At present, there are about 120 listings in Yu Ching-hsuan. The asking prices for the two-bedroom and three-bedroom units are about 8 million and 10.3 million respectively. Huang Mingjie pointed out that the admission price of the housing estates has dropped by about half from the end of May to the beginning of June.

price 16,000 low market price

In addition, Jingjingtai recorded 5 transactions in September. Zheng Fenyi, senior branch manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, pointed out that the housing estate recently recorded a low-priced transaction, which is 6 middle and high-rise E rooms. The utility area is 512 square meters, 2 rooms are separated, and the market is about 2 More than a month, even the lease, the original asking price of about 8.4 million, the final transaction of 8.2 million, the price of 16016 yuan, slightly lower market price of about 2%. It is understood that the current tenancy period of the unit is still 15 months, the monthly rent is about 18,000, and the rental return rate is about 2.6%. As for the sale and purchase of housing estates, there are about 50, and the price for admission to 2 and 3 bedrooms is about 8.2 million and 13 million respectively.

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