Chinese capital frequently receives old buildings in urban areas

The market sentiment improved slightly, the second-hand property market was also driven, and the number of towers and trading volume rebounded

Even the pace of acquisition of old buildings was active. Among them, the acquisition of old buildings by the Chinese consortium has gradually increased, and some of them have entered the local market for the first time, while the acquisitions are mainly based on old buildings in the urban area. Among them, the West District residential market, which is regarded as the most promising, is the acquisition target of major consortiums, and the purchase price is getting higher and higher. Recently, a large-scale acquisition project was recorded in the district. The purchase price of each party was 23,000, which was close to the market price level. It is expected that the region will attract major consortia to search for old building projects with reconstruction value. “In the past, the market has had a certain impact on the repossession activities. Especially in the past four months or so, the acquisition of the old buildings of the consortium has almost stopped. Even if the transactions are recorded, the market price is slightly lower than the market price. Reflecting the prudent attitude of the consortium, the attitude of the owners was not positive. Since the market conditions were obviously soft, the trading was not active.

However, as long as the consortium purchased at the market price level, some old building owners were willing to accept the purchase, including the Western District acquisition

The activities were relatively positive, and with the recent improvement in market conditions, the consortium’s acquisition of old buildings in the region has also become more frequent. Among them, more than 40 to 50 years old buildings have become market targets. It is expected that the district’s procurement activities will gradually heat up in the short term. According to the directors of the Bank, the number of cases in the old buildings has not increased significantly in the near future. On the contrary, there is an upward trend in the market for prospective buyers, including the acquisition of consortia.

The old buildings in the urban area are highly sought after

In particular, the Western District has great potential for development. In particular, the low-rise old building properties of more than 50 years have always been the key targets of the Hong Kong-funded consortium. The acquisition of the old building in the East Side Street of the West Ring was recorded a month ago. It is reported that the new buyer is a Chinese-funded consortium. It is expected that as the China-Hong Kong consortium joins the battle group one after another, the old building purchase price has the opportunity to be pushed up.

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