Tsing Yi Ming Qiao Convergence Price of RMB 140,800 per hurdle “Government Report" effect

After the “Policy Report", a number of new discs were actively deployed for sale, and a number of new projects were queued for debut

Among them, Tsing Yi Ming Qiaohui slammed the price yesterday, the first batch of 156 gangs, offering a maximum discount of 21%, the average price of the real price was 14,813 yuan, the admission price was more than 4.321 million, slightly lower than the market price, and the ticket collection today. The fastest sales next week.

Recently, many developers in the market have adopted a low market price push strategy. The Qingyi Mingqiao, developed by Jiaming, is the first new project in the region in 15 years. It was launched yesterday, and the first batch of Jia Ming Group’s business and marketing director Yan Jingfeng said. The unit involved 156 gangs, offering a maximum discount of 21%. The average price of the discount was about 14813 yuan. The price was described as the “best price". The demonstration unit was opened today and the ticket was collected simultaneously. It is expected to be sold as soon as next week.

She further pointed out that the first price list was about 15% discount to the second-hand property price in the same district, and stressed that it would help the public to get on the train as much as possible. In the first batch, about 90% of the unit price was less than 8 million yuan. The net price is less than 5 million, which can benefit from the government’s new insurance measures.

Developer: Low-priced second-hand price 15%

Yan Jingfeng continued, although the estate is adjacent to the hillside, the owner may be responsible for future maintenance costs. Considering the future maintenance of the hillside, the Group has allocated 30 million for the management fund as a hillside near the maintenance estate and stressed that it will not be repaired. Cost transfer buyers.

According to the price list, the first batch of units are located in Blocks 2 and 2A, with an area ranging from 299 to 586 square meters. The units cover 1 to 3 rooms, with prices ranging from 5.47 million to 11.342 million, and the price is 16940 to 20195 yuan. From 43.10 million to 8.96 million, the discounted price was about 13383 to 15954 yuan, and the market value of the batch was more than 800 million.

Selling as soon as next week

The entrance unit is 2 G-rooms on the 2nd floor, with an area of ​​299 square feet, belonging to 1 room interval, with a price of 5.47 million, a discounted price of 4.321 million, and a discounted price of about 14,452 yuan. The most expensive is 2, 23rd floor, D room, with an area of ​​586 square meters, priced at 11.342 million, the discounted price is about 8.96 million, and the discount price is 15,291 yuan.

In addition, the current price of the first batch of flats in Mingchee is a discount to the second-hand housing estates in the same district. Compared with the Ying Chui Peninsula and Lei King Wan, the current price is about 17500 and 16,000 respectively, about 15% respectively. 7.4% discount.

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