Dai Deliang is worried about the increase in property prices this year

The social atmosphere in Hong Kong is not good

Some agents expect that the property market will continue to find the bottom before the end of the year

DTZ said that the overall property price has fallen by 3 to 5% from the peak of June this year. If the market conditions have not improved, it is expected that property prices will fall further by 5 to 10% in the fourth quarter, offsetting the increase in the first half of the year.

DTZ Deben Tamau (left) said that if the social conflict did not improve, the price of property in the fourth quarter of Hong Kong would fall another 5 to 10%. Right is Gao Weixiong.

Tao Yuhong, vice president of the Greater China Region and head of the Greater China Strategic Development Advisory Department, said that the interest rate down and housing supply are lagging behind, supporting the Hong Kong property market, but local social conflicts continue, and Sino-US trade relations are tight, making Hong Kong property market In the third quarter, it began to slip.

Taikoo City is plunging 10%

He pointed out that the average price of the first city in Sha Tin in June was 19,700 yuan, but it has fallen by about 5% to 18,700 yuan in September. It is expected to fall another 10% to 16,800 yuan in December. The average price of Taikoo Shing in Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island was $22,600 in June. However, this month it has fallen by 4.4% to $21,600. It is estimated that it will be lowered by about 10% to $19,400 at the end of the year, which is about 14.2% lower than the mid-year high.

He also said that property transactions in the past few months have dropped significantly

The number of transactions from June to August was less than 5,000. It is estimated that there will be only about 4,500 in September. The situation reflects that the industry has a strong capacity to host the goods. At the same time, the market has not seen many cases of price cuts for sale. Therefore, it is believed that the “price tide" has not appeared.

However, the trading of large-value property investment markets fell sharply. Gao Weixiong, executive director of the company’s Hong Kong capital market department, said that as of mid-September, large-value property transactions with a turnover of 100 million yuan or more had been temporarily recorded in the market for 30 cases, 55% less than the quarter, since the third quarter of 2013. Low. The amount involved was 10.6 billion yuan, and it fell 69% quarter-to-quarter.

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