The netizens launched the “Six Districts Flowering" demonstrations on the 11th National Day

In addition to the large shopping malls in Causeway Bay, many shops have also stopped to do business

Although tourists continue to go shopping at noon, they stay in hotels in the afternoon and there are also tourists in Hong Kong. The iron and bus stopped and could not return to the Kowloon hotel.

The reporter observed at Causeway Bay at 2 pm yesterday, and large shopping malls such as Huangpu Fort, Sogo Department Store, Hysan Place and Times Square have all closed

Most of the tourists, such as Dongjiao Road and Times Square, are only black people. From Dongjiao Road to Lockhart Road on Percival Street, only 12 shops in more than 50 shops are open as usual, including pharmacies and electronics stores.

The 12 ground floor shops at Paterson Street only had three business operations yesterday, including a pharmacy

The staff said that the past parade was open for business and that the police appeared before closing. The storefront has a large number of masks and anti-hot stickers for “parade supplies". The staff said that “this day (yesterday) is mainly a protester business"; he has long foreseen that the business of the Golden Week has plummeted, but there is no way for the big and the bad. .

The yellow vest is more violent. The tourists are not worried about safety. French passenger Bernard stayed in Hong Kong for two days. He said that he only knew that there was a large parade in Hong Kong yesterday. The parade was still “and non-“, he said that compared to the French yellow vest movement. There were many damages to the demonstrators. “Hong Kong parade is not violent," so it is not worried about personal safety.

South Korean traveler Meyun Kim was shopping in Causeway Bay yesterday afternoon and was unable to return to Jordan’s hotel due to traffic. She said that she saw the demonstration scene “a little uncomfortable", but stressed that it is not important to be inconvenient compared to the Hong Kong people’s struggle for freedom.

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