Industry and trade property market rushes like a note, destroying the economy, everyone loses

In the past 100 years, there has been a shortage of ups and downs

" Hong Kong has evolved from a small fishing port into an international financial center. After many generations of efforts, it has been built for more than a hundred years. But when this generation came, the demonstrators spent three months destroying it. Putting the foundation of the predecessors “Jade and Burning". Hong Kong is an economic city. It is a commonplace. When the public talks about it no longer is economic and people’s livelihood, but a political struggle, the city has already gone down the road to defeat.

Trade wars and riots inside and outside

The Sino-US trade war has lasted for half a year. It is nothing more than a butcher’s knife in the air. It has caused great psychological threats. The anti-amendment of the “Fugitive Offenders Ordinance" has been more like a bomb to destroy the whole society. The violence is indiscriminate, the passengers are deterred, the economy is accelerating, and the retail door can be smashed. Although the property market has a downward trend, but the number of people is small, the basic demand for housing is still strong, and it has not fallen into the water. The real disaster area is in the industrial and commercial real estate market, and the insiders are pointing to the ice age. In the near future, many industrial buildings have been priced at millions of dollars for sale. In the past three months, regardless of the volume of transactions and the turnover, they have also halved. It is hard to see that the owners do not count the price but seek help. The industry expects that industrial and trade buildings, nano-family, and “mosquito-type" hotels may not be able to find a contract even if they cut their throats, so that panic can be upgraded at any time.

The market road is interlocking, and the whole body is launched. US President Trump is erratic, trade warfare is in jeopardy, the mainland economy is frustrated, and the destruction of Hong Kong’s demonstrations has greatly affected the desire of mainlanders to visit Hong Kong. In August, the number of people in the year dropped by 40%. This year, we are entering the fourth season, and the year is approaching. Merchants should be busy deploying Christmas and New Year’s peak season. Now it is inevitable that they will frown. Last week, local famous cosmetics companies issued a profit warning, which indicated that the situation in August was dragged down, which caused the overall business to fall back in the past five months. It is difficult to make a profit in the first half of the year, compared with the profit of about 200 million yuan in the same period last year. It can be said that there is a difference between heaven and earth. The so-called Yiye Zhiqiu, even the profit of the trade retail leader can be erased at once, other companies are hard to escape, resulting in a sudden drop in demand for warehouses and offices, the relevant property prices can stand firm!

Furthermore, the hotel industry has been saturated. Information shows that the number of visitors to Hong Kong last year was about 65 million, an average of about 180 000 per day. More than 280 hotels in Hong Kong provide nearly eight Ten thousand rooms, and it is expected to add at least 2,000 rooms each year. If the passengers continue to drop by 40%, that is, the daily passenger volume will drop to about 100,000. In the standard two-person room, the hotel will inevitably set off the tide, and the hotels with lower ranks will bear the brunt! At present, there are still hotels with less than one hundred yuan per night. The operation is arduous. It is self-evident that the loss situation has not come to an end. The operators or the strong men have broken their arms, and they have stopped the bleeding. How can the hotel buildings be transformed?

Economic ice seal

If hotel land is to apply for change of use, it will often suffer great resistance to rigid bureaucrats and policies. Even if it is successfully converted into a house, it will take four to five years. In the past, the activation of industrial buildings is often “small stairs only". Empty becomes an illegal residence. In a nutshell, it is also difficult for industrial and trade buildings and hotels to find buyers to stop the eclipse. In the current market downturn, it is even more savage. At present, the industry has only begun to decline, and it has not yet reached the real cold winter. It is foreseeable that even if the property and trade properties are cut in the future, no one will care! If US President Trump succeeds in re-election next year, it will inevitably point to the situation in Hong Kong, and the “Trump Rebellion" will last for four years. It will be a double blow with Hong Kong’s civil strife, and the demand for industrial and trade-related properties will only be weaker. The price drop is hard to avoid.

The owners are complaining that the wage earners are even more precarious. According to recent surveys, nearly 80% of hotel employees are required to take up to three days of unpaid leave; nearly half think that the monthly salary will be reduced by as much as 3,000 yuan. If the situation turns worse, it will face layoffs. The tourism industry is also bleak. 90% of the tour guides have not worked. It is reported that some people attacked the demonstrators because of unemployment and anger. The restaurants in the restaurant first broke out, and the retail industry also “salted salt water". The unemployed army emerged and grievances. Small traders and SMEs also have difficulties in operating and have demanded a reduction in rents, hoping to overcome the difficulties. The government’s so-called salvation measures are all in the water. The senior officials are hiding in the air-conditioned room to be their keyboard warriors, and behind closed doors, how can the city road be saved? The chief executive Lin Zhengyue also thought that he would reconcile with the mob, and then drag on it. I am afraid that even the merchants and wage earners will not forgive her sinner.

Lin Zheng is a sinner and the mob is a public enemy of the people. The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office warned that the anti-China chaotic elements are engaged in a “color revolution" and pointed out that the signs of terrorism appear here. Demonstrators advocated the Ukrainian revolutionary film every day and asked Hong Kong to learn from Uzbekistan. Later, it will not rule out further aligning with the predecessors of the “Color Revolution". People’s experience of “Arab Spring" has not yet recovered. Hong Kong experience The summer of riots, now fall into the autumn killing, the economic winter is about to come, the internal and external difficulties, self-destruction of the Great Wall, everyone is a loser, the road is frozen and dead bones are not far away.

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