Deya intends to sell at a price of 12,000

Industrial properties are highly sought after, and some of the owners are also on the market

Among them, the lower-floor units of Tuen Mun Deya Industrial Centre, with an area of ​​2752 square meters, are sold at an intent price of 33.02 million, with an average price of about 12,000.

Wang Jialu, director of Midland Business and Industry, said that the site is located at the lower floor of Room D, Deya Industrial Center, No. 7 Shijie Road, Tuen Mun. The area is about 2752 square meters, and the selling price is about 33.24 million. The average price is about 12,000. The intention rent is about 70,000, which is equivalent to about 25.5 yuan per square meter. Wang continued to point out that the unit interval is practical and has a high-rise design. In addition, the building has six freight elevators and three passenger elevators.

The area is about 2752

In addition, Wang also pointed out that the Xiamen transportation facilities are not bad. It is close to the LRT station. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the West Rail Tuen Mun Station. There are also a number of bus and minibus lines in the building. The Lok Ma Chau, Shenzhen Bay Port and Hong Kong and Kowloon districts are quite convenient.

On the other hand, Guo Hongmei, senior divisional business director of the Central Plains (Industrial and Commercial) office building department

said that there is an area of ​​about 2418 square meters on the 6th floor, 2nd floor, Block 2, Enterprise Plaza, No. 9 Chang Yue Road, Kowloon Bay, with an intent price of 18.86 million. For the sale, the average price is about $7,800. The property will be sold in the form of a tenancy agreement. The current monthly rent is about 41,000, with an average rent of about $17. Guo continued, the original owner of the site had a price of about 8,500 yuan, which was about 8% lower than the current asking price. Guo added that the landmark commercial building in the enterprise square area is fully equipped. The average price of the first and second phases of the property is about 8,000. Yuan, so the site is suitable for the market, which is expected to be attractive to users and investors.

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