Do you dare to enter the market when property prices fall?

The violent conflict has lasted for three months and there have been no signs of easing

When the campaign officially ended, there is still no dawn. Is Hong Kong free? Many people are worried that after the return of Hong Kong, speech and living space will be reduced; however, the author still believes that Hong Kong is definitely the capital of freedom. Hong Kong is most proud of its independence. As long as it is law-abiding, any speech and freedom can be free in life.

In the years since the reunification of 1997, the Mainland has not participated in and changed any of the lifestyles of Hong Kong in order to do a good job of “one country, two systems"

Until 2003, SARS plunged Hong Kong’s economy. Property prices also fell sharply. Nearly 70%, the Mainland began to help each other and eased the freedom of the Mainland to come to Hong Kong to save the Hong Kong economy.

After the economic recovery in Hong Kong, the business of all walks of life has grown rapidly, and the development of government treasury has continued to grow over the past decade

However, while the rapid economic development has also triggered other social problems, one of the deeper contradictions is that the disparity between the rich and the poor has become more serious. In particular, in terms of housing, apart from the shortage of public housing, the price of private buildings is also because The continuous growth of the economy has made the desire of ordinary citizens to get on the bus to go to the future.

Then, after the property price has plummeted, can the public be able to try to get on the train as soon as possible? The answer is absolutely no. The reason is very simple. When property prices fall sharply, it is social instability, economic depression, rising unemployment rate, and the public is worried about the prospects. The desire and ability to enter the market will diminish. Therefore, when property prices fall sharply, the biggest beneficiaries are some wealthy and investors rather than the general public.

The author has been engaged in real estate agency for more than 30 years. When the property price is high, there will always be people who say that when the property price falls, they will definitely enter the market, but there are only a handful of people who can cash in.

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