Temporary Difficulties in Expanding Lin Zheng

Liu Guoxun, a member of the Legislative Council of the DAB, said at the Chief Executive’s question and answer session yesterday that some people want to buy back their own public housing and urge the government to extend the rent to other housing estates

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, has responded that he has no objection to the re-housing.

He also understands that members of the public will want to repurchase their public rental flats with increasing income and economic improvement

However, the waiting time for public housing has now reached 5.4 years. Therefore, it cannot be extended to other housing estates.

Mrs Lam pledged that when the Government is “more confident" about the supply of public housing, the Housing Authority will be asked to study the issue carefully

“But as a short-term measure, we will at least put 39 “rental" estates for sale. The 42,000 flats are requested to speed up the launch of the HA to other public rental tenants who are interested in buying their own homes.

She explained that the so-called “more certainty" involves land supply. “If this time in the policy address, we can give us enough confidence in increasing the supply of land for housing. In the short, medium and long term, these supplies are in place. Of course, I am happy. View."

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