Five new disk application pre-sale involving 1452 units

The property market has experienced a decline in the past few months, and developers are actively redeploying the opening plan

According to the Lands Department, there were 5 residential projects applying for pre-sale consents last month, involving 1,452 gangs, a significant increase from the zero application in August, with the largest number of units in five months.

Chang Shi Group He Jiaxin (left) said that Aihai’s first price list will be unveiled today

Among the new paper projects, Sun Hung Kai Properties (00016) accounted for the most three, including the second phase of No. 9 Wetland Park Road, Tin Shui Wai, involving 699 people. The second phase of No. 23, Haihuang Road, Tuen Mun and the first phase of No. 33, Doshi Street, Sha Tin, provide 406 and 195 respectively. Other smaller-scale projects, including the Urban Renewal Authority at 8 Fukusawa Street, Kowloon, have a capacity of 144, while Emperor International (00163) has only 8 properties at 9 Chengli Road, Tuen Mun.

As for last month, only 895 people in two properties were approved for pre-sale. When the Middle East Mid-Levels CENTRAL PEAK was in the second phase, 19 houses were set up. The new deputy managing director, Lei Wei, said that the plan is for sale at the existing building and will be deployed immediately after the approval of the occupation.

Love Haishu upstairs book

As of the end of September, a total of 24 projects were pending for sale, involving 8,252 people, an increase of 557 or 7.2% per month. The United States pointed out that in the third quarter, only 1,500 new applicants applied for pre-sales, creating a new low for two and a half quarters.

Changsha Bay (01113)’s Cheung Sha Wan Ai Haiyu also obtained pre-sale documents last month. The company’s assistant chief manager (business) He Jiaxin said that the project building book has been online yesterday. The first price list will be announced today and will refer to the same district. The price of the new disk. The first batch of about 180 people will be concentrated, with the third and fifth seats, including the second mountain view household. The plate was opened yesterday. The three-bedroom decoration demonstration unit was visited by the media. It was built with reference to the B room on the 28th floor of Block 5, with a practical area of ​​771 square meters and a 22-square-foot terrace in the hall.

The characteristic households are still sought after because of the rare supply. He Wentian Tianzhu Phase II, Block 3, 25 and 26, Duplex C units, with a saleable area of ​​2,090 sq. ft., with a ceiling area of ​​566 sq. ft., sold for more than 125 million yuan. This is the first price of the first new market in this month. In the case, the price was 60,000 yuan.

On the other hand, the South West Kowloon Reclamation III, which was the second round of sales on the 26th of last month, has been listed as having no progress in the transaction. The total amount involved is over $89 million.

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