The four major developers hold a total of 100 million square meters of agricultural land. Henderson ranks first, accounting for 45%

Hong Kong’s land has always been in short supply

Recently, some political parties have asked the Government to consider citing the Lands Resumption Ordinance to reclaim agricultural land for developers to build housing, so that the development of the New Territories agricultural land will become the focus of the market. According to a large foreign investment bank, the four major developers in Hong Kong The area of ​​holding agricultural land is about 100 million square meters, among which Henderson is the first place, holding a farmland area of ​​about 45 million square meters; Changshi is only the fourth place.

In order to increase the supply of land, the Government has considered the development potential of the existing “live land" through multiple channels

It has also become one of the potential supply of housing for the agricultural land held by developers. According to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch research data, the four major developers in Hong Kong, including Henderson Land and SHKP, hold the most chips and have the greatest chance of cooperation with the government.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Henderson New Land

According to the research data, the four major developers hold a total of about 100 million square meters of agricultural land, with Henderson occupying the largest area, holding about 45 million square meters of agricultural land, accounting for 45% of the total; There are about 30 million square meters of agricultural land, accounting for about 30% of the total, while the New World holds about 16 million square meters. As for Changshi, it ranks fourth, holding about 9 million square meters of agricultural land. Far below the number of agricultural land held by Henderson Land and Xindi.

In recent years, developers have also made up their land premiums on their agricultural land, which has made the land more mature. The large-scale development project of the 14th township of Sai Kung, Sai Kung Road, Sai Kung, completed the premium in 2017. It is about 158. More than 100 million yuan, which is the largest agricultural land premium case in Hong Kong. It was originally planned to build more than 4,900 people. The new land was applied to the Town Planning Board last year to relax the development density of the site and substantially increase the number of flats to about nine. Thousands and five hundred people have greatly increased the number of units that can be built and built, reflecting the potential value of the development of agricultural land. About 9 million in the real world

The Group has been actively involved in the development of Henderson Land in the New Territories. There are also a number of projects which have been approved for residential development in recent years, including Fanling Kwu Tung North and Fanling Ma Po. According to the information, the Ma Po Po Farmland, which is owned by the Group, is located on the north side of Lu Yu Xuan, Ma Shi Road. It covers an area of ​​about 174,000 square meters. It completed the land premium with the Government at the beginning of last year, amounting to more than 2.5 billion. The total floor area is about 690,000 square meters, and the price is about 4,151 yuan, which is a new high in the North District.

In addition, some studies have pointed out that in recent years, the Chinese-funded consortium has been actively involved in the agricultural land acquisition market, involving more than 6 million square feet, including CITIC Pacific and Agile, which also absorbed agricultural land in the districts of Lau Fau Shan and Fan Ling in Yuen Long.

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