Haifu Court has built a total of 12,100 yuan

The social atmosphere in recent months has been turbulent and has not hindered the demand for public housing

A HOS flat has just re-entered the $6.55 million unpaid land premium into the high-rise flats at Tai Fuk Tsui Estate, Tai Po Tsui Estate. The price of the flat has reached $12,175, creating a new high for the HOS flats. The agent said that although the current atmosphere is poor, the public “buy" if they need it.

Li Zhenjie, manager of the 21st Century Branch of the 21st Century, pointed out that the 4th floor of Haining Court, Block A of Haifuyuan, has a practical area of ​​538 square meters. The original plan is open and spaced, sitting on the southeast view of the building. The original owner opened the price of 7 million yuan in February this year. After bidding by foreign customers, “the two sides have been leaning for about one week". Last week, they were reduced to the unpaid land price of 6.55 million yuan, and the price was 12,175 yuan. The new indicator of the uncompleted land price of the HOS flat was refreshed. In 2009, the original owner bought the unpaid land price of 1.39 million yuan, and transferred the book profit by 5.16 million yuan, an appreciation of about 3.7 times.

For the fierce social movement in recent months, Mr Lai has admitted that it has affected the trading atmosphere of the whole district. “(The market conditions are relatively quiet, there are few new customers in the vicinity), but the above buyers are based on “buy when necessary", so eventually Still entering the market at a high price.

Haixin Garden Seaview Household 8.0 million transactions

In addition, the market conditions are quiet, Tsing Yi began to record the first second-hand sales this week. Zhu Weixiong, senior branch manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that there are 3 high-rise rooms C, Haixin Garden, with a practical area of ​​511 square meters. The two rooms are separated by a sea view. The original owner sold it for 8.3 million yuan in May and eventually reduced it to 8.08 million yuan. The price of the property was 15,812 yuan, which was the first time that the property price of the estate exceeded 8 million yuan. The original owner bought it for 5.15 million yuan in 2014, and transferred the book profit by 2.93 million yuan, an appreciation of about 56.9%.

Hai Ming Xuan 52.6 million low valuation 11.5%

However, individual luxury homes are easy to sell at low market prices. According to market news, there are 3 high-rise B rooms in Hung Hom Hai Ming Xuan, with a saleable area of ​​1580 square feet and 4 rooms separated. It is a Phoenix floor unit on the top floor to the next floor, with a asking price of 55 million yuan. Recently sold for 52.6 million yuan, the price of 33291 yuan, compared with HSBC and Hang Seng Bank (00011) online valuation of 59.41 million and 57.6 million yuan, as low as 6.81 million yuan (about 11.5%). The original owner invested RMB 26.988 million in the market in 2006, earning 25.612 million yuan in book value, and the return rate is about 94.9%.

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