HKEx research single-day leverage certificate

According to the news from the external power, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388) plans to launch the new structural products “Daily Leverage Certificates" (DLCs) in the middle of next year to launch the “Inline Warrant" in July this year

After that, the HKEx re-introduced new structural products.

Has communicated with the wheel dealer

The HKEx did not comment on the launch date, and the SFC did not comment on the news. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange said it has always been committed to maintaining Hong Kong’s leading position in the structured product market and is open to new products proposed by the industry. It is understood that the HKEx has previously communicated with the issuer of the license on the one-day leverage.

The concept of a one-day leveraged card is similar to the current “leverage or reverse ETF” (or “leverage and reverse product”), and the performance is aimed at achieving multiples of the daily change in the linked assets, with each product having a specific multiple. If the relevant assets increase by 1%, the three-time single-day leverage will increase by about 3%. As the product aims to achieve a multiple of the “daily change” of the relevant assets, holding a one-day leverage will have a compound effect, making the mid-line performance Or does not match the multiple of the change in the underlying asset.

Like leverage reverse ETF Sin Chew has pushed

At present, in the Asian market, Singapore trades all single-day leveraged products, providing 3x, 5x and 7x leverage, in addition to the stock market index as an indicator, there are also products linked to a single stock.

Weng Shiquan, head of sales of Hongwan-listed products in Hong Kong, said that in addition to the multiples of single-day leverage and leveraged reverse products, single-day leverage and warrants are unsecured products, but there is no need for management fees such as leveraged reverse products. And different publishers can launch a one-day leverage on the same asset, which is more competitive and more attractive. The HKEx launched the insider certificate this year, introducing new structural products for the first time in more than 10 years. Weng Shiquan pointed out that Hong Kong’s structural products have a high turnover, but the overseas products are diversified. The exchange is more active in introducing new products.

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