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The Housing Society announced the optimization measures and application arrangements for the “No-paid Subsidy for Sale of Housing-Rental Scheme" to enable eligible owners of the subsidized sale flats under the HS and the Housing Authority to make up their premiums

Units or bedrooms are rented out to eligible persons. The “Rental Plan 2019″ will start accepting applications from eligible owners on the 18th of next month, and the application for tenants will commence in December this year.

Optimized to allow the entire unit to be rented

The Housing Society launched the “Unpaid Subsidy for Sale of Housing – Leasing Scheme" for the first time in September last year. It provides “temporary rental housing" for eligible persons who are on the waiting list. However, the Housing Authority can only sublet the room and the response is cold. The optimization measures allow for the rental of the entire flat. The Housing Authority Subsidised Housing Committee has also passed the pilot scheme to join the rental scheme.

At present, the Housing Society and the Housing Authority have a total of more than 50,000 non-subsidised subsidised sale flats

The scheme allows eligible owners to rent out the entire unpaid premium units or individual bedrooms. The maximum number of flats for two bedrooms or above is only Can be rented to two tenants. The scheme will be co-operated with the Social Welfare Association. The Social Welfare Association will authorize the social service agencies or social enterprises to assist the eligible owners to sub-let the units and provide support services to the tenants. The HKHS will also set up an online information platform to provide information to owners and tenants who hold the Certificate of Participation Scheme for easy matching.

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