Hong Kong property stocks rose sharply on the 2nd

The six major family members rose 24.7 billion

The British agreement with the European Union broke through 27,000 in the European Union.

The policy address was released on Wednesday to significantly reduce the first phase of the first- and second-floor purchases

It was interpreted by the market as the first time in 10 years that the SAR Government has reduced the property market for the second consecutive day. The Hang Seng Index was upgraded yesterday. 27,000 off, Gao Jian 26,956, closed at 26,848 points, up 184 points, with a turnover of 72.1 billion yuan. After the property stocks rose for two consecutive days, according to the “Bloomberg" data, the net assets of the six major property tycoons in Hong Kong increased by 3.175 billion US dollars (about 24.765 billion Hong Kong dollars).

After the market closed, the UK and the European Union reached a new Brexit agreement, which drove the peripheral financial market to work well in the evening. Sterling rose sharply to $1.30 against the US dollar, and then suffered a reversal pressure. At 11:00 pm, the pound rose by 0.02% against the US$1.2833.

At 11 pm, the London FTSE index rose by 38 points or 0.55% to 7,206 points. The Wall Street stock market also opened well at the beginning of the market, at 27,022 points, up 20 points. The local night has risen to 27,016. At 11:30 last night, it was reported at 26,881, and the high water was 33 points.

ADR HSBC is long and soft

The ADR index of Hong Kong stocks traded in the United States rose by 9 points to 26,857 points. HSBC (0005) converted Hong Kong dollar to HK$61.3, up 0.66% from the close of Hong Kong stocks; Changhe (0001) reported HK$73.1, down 0.20%.

The remaining Hong Kong stock exchanges were mixed. Tencent (0700) reported 329.5 yuan, down 0.45%; AIA (1299) reported 76.1 yuan, up 0.50%.

Xindi forceed the United States to rise 3% on two days

Property stocks continued to be lifted yesterday. New World (0017) closed at 11.18 yuan, up 3.90%; Henderson Land (0012) closed at 38.75 yuan, up 1.31%; Cheung Kong (1113) yesterday launched Sham Shui Po’s first round of 218 sales. It closed at 53.8 yuan, up 0.28%. It also launched the new land (0016), which was sold by the third round of 235 gangs in Nanchang Station, and closed at 116.1 yuan, up 0.78%. Property agency unit Meilian Group (1200), after rising sharply by 14% on Wednesday, rose 20.35% yesterday, closing at 1.36 yuan, and has risen 30% in two days.

According to statistics from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, property stocks have risen sharply in the past two days since the publication of the policy address. The total number of property tycoons in Hong Kong has increased by 3.3%. Their net assets have increased by 24.465 billion yuan in two days. (see photo)

The JP Morgan Chase report said that the policy address relaxed the mortgage and stimulated the short-term demand in the private residential market. It is expected that the second-hand market transaction volume will rebound and market sentiment is expected to improve.

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