Watching US interest rates A shares have not seen improvement Hong Kong stocks are weak or continue to adjust

Hong Kong stocks were weak after watching the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision

In addition, the Fourth Plenary Session of the Mainland did not see any further stimulus measures, which made the market investment atmosphere weak. Hong Kong stocks closed down 104 points or 0.39% yesterday, closing at 26,786 points. The technical indicators have not improved, and the market may continue to adjust.

Although interest rate futures show that the US Federal Reserve has a 94% chance of cutting interest rates by 0.25% in October, and will continue to cut interest rates next year, some economic experts analyzed that the Fed’s interest rate statement announced this week and Fed Chairman Powell The post-meeting statement, or implied that the interest rate cut cycle will soon end, may disappoint the market.

The company has been listed in Hong Kong in the next quarter

At the same time, the CCP’s Fourth Plenary Session has passed half of the session, but only before the meeting there is a direction of development of the blockchain. The market is slowly cooling down on more favorable economic policies, and A shares are still profitable. The pressure of vomiting may drag down the performance of Hong Kong stocks.

Although the market is in the adjustment stage, the tide of new IPOs continues to pick up

According to the British “Financial Times" report, the social media vibrato (overseas version of TikTok)’s parent company has been beating in Hong Kong instead of New York, and is considering listing in Hong Kong in the first quarter of next year; but then the word The Beat response responded that the company has no plans to list in Hong Kong in the first quarter of next year. Although the listing arrangement has not been implemented, the surge in IPOs may encourage investment climate.

The current technical trend of Hong Kong stocks has not shown any good signs. Except for the market turnover, the Hang Seng Index MACD and STC are all inclined to adjust, reflecting that Hong Kong stocks are currently having considerable pressure to adjust.

However, brokerage Furui said earlier that according to the current valuation of Hong Kong stocks, it has reflected quite a lot of negative factors. According to the track record, Hong Kong stocks will rebound rapidly after a big drop.

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