Hong Kong stocks continued to hit a high in March. Hang Seng Index rose 1015 points on the 4th

Sino-US trade negotiations are optimistic, and the renminbi continues to be strong

The Chinese and Hong Kong stock markets continue to rise. The Hang Seng Index has returned to 150 antennas (27,565), up 185 points, and has continued to hit a new high since August 1, up 136 points. Reported at 27,683 points, the fourth day was 1015 points; the national index rose 64 points to 10,877 points, and the transaction amount increased to 92.1 billion yuan.

The Shanghai Composite Index made a good third consecutive day. It once saw a high of 3008 points and closed at 2,991 points, up 0.5%. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index closed at 9938 points, up 0.7%. The two cities traded a total of 481.5 billion yuan.

Home sales are hot

The renminbi continued to be strong, and many housing companies performed well in October, with Chinese property stocks rising. R&F (2777) rose 4.9% to close at 13.36 yuan; China Overseas (688) rose 4% to close at 27.1 yuan, the strongest blue chip; Shifang (813) rose 2.4% to close at 28.1 yuan.

For blue-chip stocks, Tencent (700) rose 1.7% to close at 333 yuan; AIA (1299) edged up 0.3% to close at 82.4 yuan; Tech (669) hit a new high

and high reached 63.7 yuan, up 0.3% to 62.8 yuan; CNOOC (883) received a major upgrade and upgraded price, closing 2.1% higher at 12.52 yuan. In contrast, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (1177) fell 2.8% to 11.82 yuan, the most vulnerable blue chip.

The semi-new stocks were hot, Xinyuan Service (1895) surged 18.3%, and closed at 2.26 yuan; Master Lu (3601) 16.3%, closing at 5.78 yuan; and China International (1871) 8.77% higher, closing at 0.62 yuan. However, the Chinese mobile game (302) retreated 9.1% and closed at 3.87 yuan. In addition, Meituan (3690) touched 100 yuan to become a “red stock". It once saw a high of 100 yuan, but closed down 1.3% to close at 97.15 yuan, with a turnover of 3.031 billion yuan. The beauty group’s red bottom is fleeting

Yao Yaohui, director of the research department of Yaocai Securities, said that this round of Hong Kong stock market rally is related to Sino-US trade negotiations, and the global stock market performed well, which is good for investment atmosphere; and the HSI has underperformed major peripheral markets this year, so it is attracted The funds are chasing after.

However, he believes that the recent increase in the Hang Seng Index has been “overbought", so he is cautious about the market outlook and thinks that there is no need to rush to buy goods.

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