Hong Kong stocks fell 119 points

Yesterday was the settlement date of the futures

In addition to watching the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, the Hang Seng Index went down again yesterday, closing at 26,667 points, down 119 points. The transaction continued to be sluggish, only 75.2 billion yuan, compared to the previous one. The daily contraction was 4.4%, and the H-Share Index fell 67 points or 0.64% to 10,479 points.

Zhongshou rose by 3.6% after the results were announced

In terms of individual stocks, Zhongshou (2628) announced its third-quarter results after the stock price went against the market, up 3.6%, and closed at 20.05 yuan, up 1.57%. According to the report of the Bank of Communications International, the business value of Zhongshou New Business is slightly better than expected. It is expected to increase the proportion of the guaranteed business next year, improve the business structure, and attract dividends to maintain a “Buy” rating with a target price of RMB 28.5. Dahe pointed out that Zhongshou’s new business value and number of agents should be the best among its peers. In addition, the company has deployed its business development plan for next year, slightly raising its target price to 30 yuan, still 49.6% from the previous day’s closing. Potential gains and maintain a “Buy” rating.

In the third quarter, BYD’s (1211) net profit fell nearly 90% to RMB119 million

At the same time, the profit forecasted for the full year’s net profit or 30% to 40% year-on-year. The stock closed at 37.4 yuan, down 5.5%. The Dahefa report pointed out that BYD’s quarterly performance was dragged down by the decline in sales of new energy vehicles. It is expected that BYD’s prospects will still face challenges in the near future. However, due to the low base and the impact of the previous sales in the first half of this year, BYD’s sales may see a recovery next year. The bank lowered the rating of BYD from “buy” to “hold” and the target price was reduced from 57 yuan to 41 yuan.

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