Housing Authority Yau Tong Land Shen Kuan High Limit Review

In order to alleviate the tension in public housing, the HA has applied for the relaxation of the high limit on the residential area of ​​Tai Wan Road, Yau Tong, and built a 41-storey high-rise building

It has 13 floors higher than the original and provides 864 public housing estates. After the meeting, the Planning Department will not object to the smooth transition.

The policy report announced that it will expedite the release and increase the supply of public housing

The Housing Authority has earlier applied for a relaxation of a high limit on a residential site in Tung Wan Road, Yau Tong, which is 150 metres above the main level and relaxed to 185 metres. The 41-storey high-rise building, which is 13 stories higher than the original, is for 864 public housing units and social welfare facilities. It is expected to be completed between 2026 and 2028 and can accommodate 8,700 people. The Planning Department considers that the relaxation of the project ceiling can increase the supply of public housing units and does not have a significant negative impact on the surrounding landscape. The proposed water connection, fire protection facilities, parking spaces and social welfare facilities are in compliance with the requirements of the relevant departments. No objection is expected and will be approved by the Town Planning Board.

King Kwun Tong Industrial Building Shen Jian New Industrial Building

In addition, after the Government restarted the Revitalisation of the Industrial Buildings 2.0, Emperor International (00163) held the No. 82 Industrial Building, Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, and applied for relaxation of the density and high-rise redevelopment into a new industrial building. The Planning Department also did not object.

Located at the New Media Group Centre, 82 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong. It is currently a 10-storey industrial building with a building age of 49 years and a site area of ​​about 107,000 square feet. The application for the relaxation of the plot ratio has increased from 12 to 20 to 14.4 times. Reconstructed into a 29-story high-rise industrial building with a floor area of ​​approximately 144,000 square feet.

The Planning Department considers that the proposed traffic assessment, parking lot design and sewage drainage connection works are in line with the requirements of the relevant departments and are expected to be approved.

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