Huibaifang shops sold 4.08 million units, an average of 14,300 yuan per year, a depreciation of 39% in five years

Recently, the market conditions are quiet, and the price shop has repeatedly recorded the case

A shopping mall in Rainbow Huibaifang changed hands to 4.08 million, with an average price of 14,300 yuan. The original business hosted 5 years and the property eclipse was 39%. The new buyer is expected to return 4.7%.

The market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and the market has re-recorded the case. According to the Land Registry, the No. 105 shop on the 1st floor of Rainbow Hui Bafang was sold for 4.08 million on the 2nd of this month. The original owner bought it for 6.718 million in 14 years, holding the goods for 5 years, and the account eclipsed 2.638 million. The depreciation during the period was about 39%. Some agents pointed out that the above-mentioned construction area is 285 square meters. The current location is an employment center. The monthly rent is about 16,000, and the new buyer is expected to return 4.7%.

The average price is 14,300

At the end of 2013, the Chairman of the Group, Liao Weilin, spent more than 350 million yuan on the purchase of the Rainbow Huibaifang Shopping Mall. The shop was then demolished and the cash was about 700 million. The project is a livelihood shopping mall. The tenants include banks, supermarkets and restaurants.

In the recent market, the shop was eclipsed. The single shop on the 1st floor of Dihuang Square, Dahe Road, Tsuen Wan, covers an area of ​​about 80 square meters. It was sold at 900,000 on the 23rd of last month. The average price was about 11,250 yuan. The original owner was 488 in 12 years. Wan purchase, holding 7 years of book losses of 3.98 million, the depreciation of about 82%. Dihuang Plaza is one of the famous market places in Hong Kong. After the shopping malls were demolished, the number of cases was more than 70%. In July, it was sold at 800,000 yuan, and the average price was about 9,756 yuan. The original owner bought it at about 4,035,000 as early as 12 years, and the book held a loss of 3.235 million in 6 years. The depreciation was about 80%.

Shop 1A, G/F, Wing Fat Building, 1/7, Shanghai Street, Jordan, Kowloon. The site area is about 800 square feet. The current tenant is renting Hong Kong. The old rent is 150,000. The market news means that the rent will be renewed at 140,000. The average rent is 175 yuan. Older rents fell slightly by 6%.

Jotun shop rented out for 175 yuan per trip

The ground floor of No. 144 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, covers an area of ​​about 1,000 square feet. The tenants of the Century Chinese and Western Pharmacy rented about 110,000 yuan per month, with an average rent of 110 yuan. The old rent of the shop was 130,000, and the new rent fell 15% from the old rent.

Huang Meiyi, Senior Account Manager of Rice Property, said that the unit of Anda Industrial Building, No. 2 to 6 Huaxing Street, Kwai Chung, has an area of ​​about 10,627 square feet and is about 42.5 million. The average price is about 4,000 yuan. The unit is half-stored and half-decorated. The building has been repaired, with a passenger elevator, 4 freight elevators, and 20-inch cabinets.

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