The first set of insurance to help the Amoy increase 150,000 baht

The Government has relaxed the first mortgage insurance

The second-hand property buyers have responded immediately. Suddenly, the “transformation” can be used for the full-fledged Hong Kong Garden in Kowloon Bay. About 3 transactions, one original plan 1 room change 2 room units more than 150,000 yuan (2.5%), still received the buyer for 6.15 million yuan.

According to the Central Plains property website, Amoy Gardens currently has a total of 39 listings, with a asking price of 5.2 million to 7 million yuan

The original can only borrow 60% to 80% of the car, but the first one is guaranteed to be insured. Opportunity to borrow 90%, catalyzing the rebound in trading.

Bao Yunzhong, a joint director of Lijiage Real Estate, said that Amoy Garden recorded three transactions in a single day yesterday, including 7 rooms in the middle floor of Block I, with a usable area of ​​378 square meters. The original plan was changed from 1 room to 2 rooms. The price has been 6 million yuan since 3 weeks, but On Wednesday (16th), seeing the “Policy Report” announced the relaxation of the first home insurance, the immediate price increase of 150,000 yuan (2.5%), yesterday was received by the buyer for 6.15 million yuan, the price of 16270 yuan.

On the other hand, many estates have benefited from the first home purchase in Tseung Kwan O, and the transaction has also picked up

Lin Zhijian, the sales manager of Midland Realty, said that since the publication of the Policy Address, at least about 12 transactions have been recorded in the past two days, an average of about 6 transactions per day, an increase of about 3 transactions per day before the release of the Policy Address. Times, two of which were added after the fare increase, including the third floor of the Metropolitan City Phase I, the third floor of the G room, the practical area of ​​364 square feet 2 households, the original owner called the price of 6.7 million in August, once lost 6.3 million due to social unrest Yuan, but yesterday, under the good news, the price increase was 100,000 yuan to 6.4 million yuan. Finally, the passengers in the area were accepted by 6.38 million yuan, and the price was 17527 yuan.

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