Invested in 14 million yuan of royal gold. Guofeng 4 rooms

The property market is blowing cold winds, and the owners of luxury houses accept the actual price

In the area of ​​Kowloon Station, which has not yet opened the bill this month, there are investors who are looking for a price, and the unit is Yujin. Guofeng 4 households, the investor reduced the price of 14 million yuan to 28 million yuan in one month, which is 20% higher than the cost of similar units six months ago.

The news pointed out that Yu Jin. Guofeng 5 high-rise A room, practical 1145 square, is a 4 room plus multi-purpose room interval, investors began to release on the 27th last month, the asking price reached 42 million yuan, challenging the project with the most expensive record, but the market is lack of interest. As the economic downturn and other bad news continue to emerge, the investor finally accepted the reality, the latest bid price was lowered to 28 million yuan, a reduction of 33%, and the intention price was 24,454 yuan. According to the data, three high-rise rooms B, practical 1195 square meters, in March this year, the cost of 35 million yuan, this time the same price is 20%.

The agent in the district pointed out that the Kowloon Station had not recorded second-hand trading this month

The owners gradually lowered the bidding price, such as the low-floor H room of the Arc de Triomphe, and the practical 961 square, which was reduced from 45 million to 40 million yuan, a decrease of 11%. Not yet accepted.

Secondly, the high-rise room H of Pokfulam Bao Cuiyuan 5, the practical 1111 square, just sold for 33.68 million yuan, real 30315 yuan, slightly lower than the bank’s online valuation of 420,000 yuan.

The cost of small and medium-sized housing estates has dropped rapidly. Two discounts have been recorded in Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan

Liang Zhongwei, the chief joint regional manager of Midland Realty, said that the middle floor of Room 7 of Discovery New City, the practical 610 square, is a three-bedroom set interval. The original owner opened the price of 8.88 million yuan a month ago, and the bargaining price reached 8.668 million yuan, which was 14210 yuan. Compared with similar units this year, the high price dropped by about 15%.

The other transaction was 6 middle-floor F rooms, with practical 485 square meters, which belonged to 2 rooms. The transaction price was 6.3 million yuan, and the actual price was 12990 yuan. Although there were murderous houses in the same floor, the current building price is 7.45 million yuan higher than this year. The price was about 15.4%, so buyers made a decision to enter the market. Wei Shiliang, manager of the 21st Century Property Branch, said that the high-rise room B of the 3rd floor of the Dian Cui Xuan, Tseung Kwan O, was practically 614 square meters. The price was reduced to 7.80 million yuan and was accepted by the users. It was 12,718 yuan, which was 8.56 million yuan higher than the same high-rise unit in April this year. , fell back about 8.8%.

Public housing fell against the market, 24 rooms in the high-rise building of Xianfa Building, Changfa Village, Tsing Yi, and 349 Fangfang, sold at a price of 4.5 million yuan, creating a new high project price.

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