Ivy increased to 85% and sold 89 people next Wednesday

After the first reading of the first-hand vacant tax by the Legislative Council, a number of new flats in the existing building continued to accelerate sales

The Discovery Bay Yidi, the existing building of the Hong Kong Industrial Estate (0480), has been sold to the 67th generation in March and has a cash flow of 830 million yuan (average of 16,275 yuan). 85%, next week, 89 people will be released, 63% of which will be sold as a list.

According to the price list of the Yidi, the above-mentioned 85% of the first two-year interest rate is P minus 2.5% (P is 5.125%), followed by P, and the longest repayment period is 20 years

Chen Xiuzhen, Assistant General Manager of Xingye Sales and Marketing, said that the latest addition to the 24th group, 12 of which are the first five-bedroom, and 12-person, two-bedroom households, with a saleable area of ​​551 to 763 square meters

Actually, 13,631 to 18,097 yuan, and the actual price is 7.767 million to 13.808 million yuan. Next Wednesday, together with the unsold units, a total of 56 groups will be launched on a first-come-first-served basis, and another 33 groups will be launched, that is, a total of 89 people will be pushed. .

8 large units

Other existing building goods, SHKP (0016) Nanchang Station, the newly sold 8 large units, cashed 300 million yuan, among which the remittance III sold through the tender, distributed in the middle and upper floors of the sixth and eighth blocks, the practical area of ​​1214 to The unit A of 1513 Fang Wei, the transaction price was 29.398 million to 44.624 million yuan, and the actual price was 24,000 to 30,200 yuan. In addition, the low-seat star diamond sink 10 floor practical area 1960 square  room B, sold as a price list, the transaction price of 52.934 million yuan, real 27,000 yuan. Wing Tai ( 0369 ) Qingshan Road THE CARMEL, through the tender for the latest sale of No. 6 house, the practical area of ​​the house 2724 square, the transaction price of 48.535 million yuan, the actual amount of 17,818 yuan; the project recently connected to 5 houses, more than 200 million cash.

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