Love Haiyan next week’s offer

In the fourth quarter, many new discs came on the scene

Among them, Changsha Bay’s new plate, Aihaiyu, officially announced the project details and sales deployment yesterday. The building will be uploaded this week. The demonstration unit will be opened to the public as early as next week. And the simultaneous opening price, the pricing will refer to the urban project price.

Open the model house as early as next week

Aihai, who was co-developed by Cheung Kong and the URA, announced the project plan yesterday. Cheung Kin Assistant Chief Manager (business) He Jiaxin said that the project had been approved for pre-sale consent, and the building will be uploaded this week. The model unit at the Hung Hom Fortune Shopping Centre will be opened as early as next week. Synchronous offer.

The renewed index will be based on the urban price. Since the projects are all 2 or 3 households, and the recent new supply lacks a similar type of supply, it is believed that it can fill the rigid demand of the market-changing and branch families.

Regarding whether the new sales in the same district will affect the sales situation earlier

He believes that the new trading situation is ideal for the development of the market. I believe that the response will be enthusiastic after the launch of the project.

Aihaiyu provides a total of 876 gangs, all of which are designed for two-bedroom and three-bedroom masters. Among them, 2 households accounted for 75%, involving 658 groups, covering an area of ​​474 square meters to 507 square meters; the remaining 3 bedroom owners set up storage units, involving 218 groups, ranging from 695 square meters to 786 square meters, another 11 groups Even the rooftop specialties will be considered for sale in the form of tenders.

The developers announced the naming of the four buildings yesterday, all with the theme of natural colors, creating the concept of “forested birds"; Azure, Olive, Cherry and Lavender. Two of the units are mainly located in Blocks 3 and 5, involving 231 groups, while Units 1 and 2 provide a total of 196 units and 2 units.

In addition, the three-bedroom units are mainly located in Blocks 2, 3 and 5, each ranging from 64 to 66 people.

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