Low interest rate and good property prices

although the situation in Hong Kong has made buyers cautious, the market expects the US to cut interest rates again at the end of the year

The continuous low interest rate environment will encourage buyers to enter the market, so they have a positive attitude towards property prices. . He added that it is noticed that other developers are selling their flats, indicating that demand for housing is still strong.

Xin Zhi Huang Zhixiang (right) has a positive attitude towards the trend of property prices. The left is Huang Yongguang

The Government has relaxed the mortgage insurance scheme and has been accused of pushing up the residential property price. The Deputy Chairman, Mr Wong Wing-kwong, said that he would closely monitor the trend of the property market. However, the policy would help buyers of second-hand flats to enter the market and help the public to board the car. This will help the community and the property market. development of.

The joint director, Mr. Tian Zhaoyuan, said that the Group will launch new properties in the next three years, including projects in Kadoorie Hill, Ho Man Tin, Kang Kin Road in Sai Kung and Wu Xi Sha to meet market demand. Huang Zhixiang said that developers should not take the initiative to speed up the sale of real estate. If the pre-sale consent is obtained, it will be launched as soon as possible.

Demonstration affects the mall

As for the recent demonstrations affecting some of the Group’s shopping malls, Mr Wong said that the Group is actively liaising with the affected tenants to manage the management fees and rent reduction arrangements for individual cases. Most of the cases are being processed. I am confident that the business of the shopping malls will resume normal as soon as possible. .

As for the hotel business, he said that the recent situation has caused a drop in visitor arrivals, but the impact on the overall business of the hotel is still too early, and the hotel staff did not have unpaid leave arrangements.

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