Low turnover and high volatility this week

National Day holiday relationship, A shares will be closed from today, until next Tuesday, but the impact will appear earlier

Because of the settlement relationship, the Hong Kong stock market has been suspended since last Friday. In the absence of the North, the Hong Kong stocks have been quietly sold, and only 500 million yuan has been spent all day. Compared with the previous market, the number of the stocks has been reduced. It can be expected that Hong Kong stocks will be weak in the next week, but due to the serious lack of depth, the index is more likely to dance and the friends who play derivatives should pay attention.

Another focus of the market is for the White House government to consider restricting US government pension funds to invest in the Chinese market

Chinese stocks listed in the US may be required to withdraw from the market. As soon as the news came out, the relevant concept fell across the board, and Alibaba fell 5%. Jingdong fell 6%, Baidu also fell 4%; Fei Qing believes that the relevant statement is only to scare, in order to win more chips before the October 10 Sino-US trade war negotiations, in fact, the US Treasury immediately issued a statement, referring to China There is currently no plan to prevent Chinese companies from listing in the United States. If the relevant Chinese stocks have not stopped falling tonight in the US market, they may wish to rebound.

However, this news has extended another investment opportunity

The US threat will speed up the pace of the return of the concept to China and Hong Kong. As a result, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (388), which was dragged down by the news of the acquisition of the Stock Exchange, can have a hype. Opportunity is a little bit sweet in the recent bitterness. Starting from the chart, the rebound target is 20 antennas of 236 yuan, and the above-mentioned weekly low of 222 yuan is used as a stop loss, which has a certain value.

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