Nearly a million transactions in the Western half of the Tang Dynasty

Affected by the desire to slow down the market, many private auctions have only recorded sporadic sales in the near future

30 properties were launched yesterday, and two homes were sold. The middle floor of Room B, the live building of Weicheng Road in the Western Mid-Levels, was offered at a price of 11 million yuan. It was auctioned by three groups of buyers and eventually sold 16% to 12.8 million yuan.

The unit sold by the Living Building is more than 800 square meters

Zeng Jiejun, managing director of Central Asia Auction, said that the above-mentioned unit belongs to Tanglou Property, which was completed in 1959. There is no elevator. The price is 200,000 yuan per price, and the price is about 10 yuan. The unit has a practical area of ​​805 square meters, with a two-room design and a practical price of 15,901 yuan.

Another sale of the property at the same site is located in Yang Uk Estate, Heng Chau, Yuen Long. It is one-third of the property of the whole building and sold at a price of $1.8 million. Zeng continued, because the recent market conditions have turned quiet, buyers are more wait-and-see for the market outlook, so that the recent disk source is generally accepted.

Jotun Mini Shop has a price of 62,000

It is understood that there are 3 properties sold before the auction, all of which are fine-priced properties. Including a mini-floor shop in Wenwei Building, No. 1-23, Wenchang Street, Jordan. The usable area is only about 19 square meters. The lease price is only 1.08 million yuan, and finally sold for about 1.18 million yuan. The price is 62,105 yuan. The site is about fifty-four years old. It is a restaurant on both sides. It is now used for storage purposes. The monthly rent is $3,700. The transaction rate is about 4.8%.

As for the 1st floor shop of Hongguang Building, Tongcai Street, Mong Kok, the building area is 104 square meters. The original price was 480,000 yuan. It was also sold at about 680,000 yuan before the auction, and the price was 6,538 yuan.

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