monthly rent 100,000 high

The property market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, but the rental market is still active

The rent price of the new building in Wanchai has always been hard. The market news indicates that there are two high-rise rooms in the housing estate, the 1312 square, the three-bedroom design, and the 1226 square.

Tiantai and 66 Fangyi Terrace Houses, just rented out at 100,000, the rent price of the estate is new, and the price is 76 yuan

It is understood that the owner in the name of the company in May this year, about 65.47 million yuan to buy, the price of 52,950 yuan, together with 30% of the spicy tax of 20.84 million, based on the purchase cost, the rental return of about 1.3%.

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