In the fourth quarter, 19 new sets of more than 9,800 people rushed to the beach

The industry expects a total of 4,500 cases to increase by 10%

In the fourth quarter, although the social conflict caused by the anti-reforms has not subsided, and the trade war between China and the United States has not been scattered, but after the social experience of the third quarter (July to September), developers have regained the pace of opening. According to the statistics of this newspaper, there are 19 major new discs with a chance to debut this season, involving a total of 9809 people. It is expected that Kowloon and Tseung Kwan O will be the main battlefield. The largest new disc is the inner room Evergrande (3333) to enter Hong Kong. The head of the gun is at the gate of Evergrande. The industry estimates that developers will take advantage of the low-price opening strategy. It is expected that the overall sales of this season (from October to December) will rise to 4,500, compared with 4,060 in the third quarter, which has rebounded by more than 10% quarter-to-quarter. Ming Pao reporter Lin Kewei

In the fourth quarter, the new battle is expected to be dominated by the Kowloon and Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes. Among them, Cheung Kong (1113), which has not been sold in the new year, will be launched. It has been approved for pre-sale. Sham Shui Po’s love of Haitang (876 gang), it is expected that the short-term uploading of the book and the opening of the demonstration unit to the media will be released in October; in addition, the same section of the same phase of the sunrise Kangcheng 8 SEA TO SKY (1422), still pending The sale of uncompleted consent form is expected to be available at the end of the year. It has the opportunity to provide 503 pairs of sunrise Kangcheng 9C, which is the last phase of the MARINI short-term match with Huifeng (0020).

Changshi Aihai is expected to debut at the end of this month

In addition, following the first round of sales at the end of September, after the first round of sales at the end of September, Jiahua (0173) provided 1006 gangs of Qi Dejiafeng, although it remains to be seen. Pre-sale approval, but it has been promoted earlier and is the first selling estate in the district to provide housing properties.

As for Hong Kong Island, the new four-season war in the fourth quarter fell on two half-mountain mansions; in the middle of the road, the mid-half mountain road project, which was originally planned to be launched in August, was postponed for sale due to the poor social atmosphere in the third quarter. I believe this quarter will be held. “Re-on the road." As for the new land ( 0016 ) CENTRAL PEAK in the Eastern Mid-Levels, the occupation paper has been obtained. The developer said that the tender can be launched only after the completion of the optimization project of the demonstration unit.

The New Territories battlefield focuses on Evergrande’s wat Evergrande Tsuen Wan. The total number of project units is 1982. It is the largest new-type new sector in the near future. It has been approved for pre-sale of pre-completed flats at the beginning of the year. The standard units cover open-plan to 3 bedrooms and more than 200 utilities. It can be up to 800 square meters, of which more than 300 square meters and 1 room unit account for nearly 50%; another project has 22 houses with more than 2,000 square meters, which are expected to debut.

Evergrande Tsuen Wan 1982, the largest

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential department of the Central Asia-Pacific region, said that after the baptism of the social movement in the third quarter, the pace of new sales has slowed down, but several new ones will be launched in August. It is expected that developers will exert their strength in the fourth quarter. Pushing the market, but in the face of a more serious social situation than the 2003 SARS and the 2008 financial turmoil, the new market should attract buyers, and must sell at low prices, provide longer turnover periods and other financial arrangements.

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