Kailuan II wall cracks New ground refers to structural safety

In recent months, new flats have been handed over to the building

Xindi (00016) is located at the Huishui II on the upper cover of Nanchang Station in Cheung Sha Wan. It has been reported that after the individual units were handed over, the buyers found cracks in the wall and wall tiles of the unit. SHKP said that it was an individual incident and had proposed a specific repair plan to the owner. After the owner accepted it, the project could be started. The Group has also suggested that the owner should have an independent structural engineering consultant to check with the unit. However, if the owner indicates that the developer does not agree to the compensation amount, the developer will not be allowed to arrange for any person to enter. The developer will continue to follow up with the owner.

It has been pointed out that the 4th floor of the low-rise room A of Block 3A of Huiyi II has a usable area of ​​1358 square meters. The owner purchased the unit for about 31 million yuan in November 2017 and repossessed the building in recent months, but found the wall of the unit. There were about 10 cracks in the body, and a crack in the unstructured wall between the living room and the bedroom was about 2 meters longer. The landlord and the latter contacted the new land delivery department and asked the developer to open the door and found that some brick walls also had gaps.

Has submitted a plan to the owner

Xindi responded to this newspaper’s enquiry and pointed out that the relevant owner had already repossessed the building in early August. After about one and a half months, he did not propose a repair request. On September 20, he first notified the management office that there was a crack in the wall; the developer checked the unit on the next day. And on September 23, at the request of the owner, the cracks in the vicinity of the crack were examined for complete inspection. For the cracks in the wall tiles, SHKP stated that “there is reason to believe that the same unit upstairs and downstairs caused the shock caused by the demolition work in mid-September"; and the wall of the bedroom connected to the toilet was hidden by the drainage The gas throat of the system, so the iron branches and fine bricks should be placed when laying brick walls to connect the bricks on both sides of the pipe, which belongs to the general specifications and normal standards of the bricklaying process.

Xindi revealed that the group had suggested that the owner should let the independent structural engineering consultants go to the unit for inspection, but the owner asked the developer to first agree to the compensation amount, otherwise the developer would not be allowed to arrange for anyone to enter the unit. SHKP has proposed specific repair plans to the owners. After the owners accept them, they can start the project and apologize for the inconvenience caused to the owners. They will continue to follow up with the owners.

According to Xindi, after the incident, the structural engineering consultants inspected the same unit upstairs and downstairs

No structural safety problems were found. The cracks did not appear in the structural components and did not affect the structural safety of the unit or building. The quality of the property is absolutely no problem.

Located at No. 28, Sham Mong Road, Hui Yi II offers 1188 gangs with a saleable area of ​​269 to 1509 square meters.

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