Nostalgic Hong Kong-style snack shop in Central

Hong Kong people like nostalgia and always feel that memories are the best

In the Friends Restaurant in Central, the environment is full of atmosphere in the 1970s and 1980s. The food is mainly Hong Kong-style snacks, and there are chickens and eggs in the bowl. This old sentiment attracts the audience, Zhang Jiahui, to come and enjoy the old Hong Kong. Style.

Friends Gigi, who is a 70-year-old, has always liked old things and turned it into an old Hong Kong

The restaurant’s doorway is decorated with a green imitation iron small stall and an old-style pull gate. When you break in, you will find a lot of old things, such as the old photos of the stars on the walls, the photos of Miss Asia, and the old magazines of the 80s, the students and girls, such as “Golden TV", " Sister, etc., when the four or fifty-year-old woman sees it, she should smile and recall the youthful years of those years. Going forward, there is a room at the end of the restaurant, which is decorated like a house in the 70s. There are round dining tables, clothes cars, TVs, Chinese cheongsams, mirrors, typewriters, etc. It looks a bit like the old house.

The dishes here are also designed with the nostalgic theme, designed by the proprietress Gigi. Her cooking is based on her childhood experience. She said, “When I was in the fourth grade of elementary school, my father asked me for $5 a day of pocket money. I bought it. 6 piglets were used as meals. Since I didn’t want to lick the bread every day, I tried to scare the food at home. I first cooked a simple cola chicken wing. Later I wanted to drink the soup and cook the squid soup. Then I want to eat more. , cook the steamed squid in the plum."

Make serious

In Gigi’s restaurant, there are many Hong Kong-style snacks, such as siu mai, tea eggs, bowls and wings, etc. She is very serious and very particular about it. If it is sold by hand, it is made with fish mixed with fresh semi-fat lean pork. I will eat a bite of powder like a square, and I will eat pork. Because it is called steaming, it is very hot and hot. In addition, the signboard is made into bowls of wings, and the bottom of the soup is made of chicken, carrots, corn, etc.; and the materials are shredded chicken, fungus, scallops, fans, and most especially the fish lip. “Some people cook a bowl of wings and make it cool, but I will use the fish’s lips. Because it will release the gelatin, it will make the bowl of the wings more elegant and taste better." Gigi is so thoughtful, no wonder it was a guest. Zhang Jiahui, who likes food quality.

Recently, Gigi has just returned from a tour in Malaysia and has been inspired by cooking in the local area. He has added Malaysian cuisine to his menu, such as Mara’s stir-fried noodles, Bak Kut Teh, etc., which is very popular among diners. In addition, there are also many new home-cooked dishes, such as salted egg steamed patties, plum steamed squid, etc. The price is only five or sixty yuan, which is very good value.

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