Consortium Shen Qiang took the old building of Shitangzui with a valuation of 240 million

Although the property market is quiet, developers are still actively acquiring property reconstruction

According to the Lands Tribunal document, a consortium applied for a strong shot on the old building at 1/7 Po Tak Street, Shek Tong Tsui, Western District.

It was completed near Henderson Land (0012)

The site area was about 3,005 square feet. 1 8-storey commercial and residential property with a building age of 53 years, 4 shops on the ground floor and 35 residential units on the remaining floors. According to the information, the site is now classified as “Residential (Group A)". If it is redeveloped at a maximum of 9 times the commercial and residential plot ratio, it is expected to redevelop the floor area of about 27,000 square feet. The project value is over $237 million, that is, each side. The floor price is about 8,700 yuan.

Rebuild 27,000 floors

The strong-selling documents show that the applicant is Chuang Yu Development Co., Ltd., and its registered directors are Wu Denghui and Zeng Xiangxian, both of whom are property investors, and do not rule out the acquisition of the site for the consortium. The above is the 30th strong application for the soil trial this year, compared with 19 cases in the same period last year, with an additional 11 cases or 58%.

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