700 million online shopping consumers infested the price per thousand yuan per hour

Behind the steaming nighttime consumption, new business dynamism is constantly being spurred

The netizen said, “There is no day and night in Taobao, and the suburbs are eaten into the city center." Small and medium-sized merchants ushered in another peak of business at night, and the digital public service that did not fight was at night, the bustling takeaway brother and the Taobao anchor under the lights, and Alibaba’s over 700 million consumers sparked the night.

“Every night after washing, I am exhausted and lying on the bed. I usually take out my mobile phone to “shop". Sometimes I don’t have any clear goals, but when I stroll around, I place an order." Li claimed to be a “severe online shopper dependent". Since her son was born, the day-to-day work, going home and taking the baby to the axis has made her buy clothes for two or three years.

“If there is Taobao, I don’t know what it feels like to go shopping." Xiao Li told reporters that she now treats online shopping at night as a moment to give herself a “easy time". Commodities, I feel that something has not been done. “A lot of shops on Taobao have launched the order insurance service, and the clothes are sent to the home. If the dress is not suitable, it can be refunded free of charge, just like the fitting room in the mall."

Night consumption accounts for more than 36%

There are quite a few people like Xiao Li who like to “empty the shopping cart" at night. “Alibaba’s “Night Economy" Report" shows that as night falls, the gangsters have just ushered in the peak of shopping: among them, from 21 to 22 o’clock is the highest peak of Taobao, and night consumption accounts for more than 36% of the total consumption; From 23:00 to 3 am, tens of thousands of people in Tmall “the latest night, buy the most expensive eye cream"; from 23:00 to 2 am, the price per square hour of Yintai Street increased by 1,000 yuan.

According to the report of Alibaba’s “Night Economy" report, Taobao online shopping accounted for 36% of the total consumption in the whole day. The box horse is fresh and the word of mouth is hungry, which drives the growth of food consumption at night, and the cultural consumption such as watching and watching becomes night consumption. New content.

As the “world’s first non-smashing department store", online orders are still continuing after 22:00 every night, especially at 2 am to 2 am, nearly 50,000 people are shopping in Guijie. Just last year, these “lying to buy” users bought 21 counters from Hangzhou Wulin Yintai to “the first in the country”.

At 9:30 in the morning, Xiao Wang, who worked part-time at Yintai Digital Store, bypassed the gate of Hangzhou Wulin Yintai C Hall and walked into the back alley to take the elevator to the “mysterious space" on the second floor. In March of this year, Wulin Yintai set up the country’s first digital storehouse to serve the order delivery on the Yintai Street APP.

And the daily average of more than 300 orders per day is the product of the consumer’s “hands-on" at night.

Xiao Wang printed a list of invoices from the order system and handed them to the colleague to pick up the goods according to the barcode on the invoice. After 1 minute, the orders will be packed and waiting for delivery. “All orders will be issued within 24 hours." Xiao Wang told reporters that 300 is just the normal state of the store, and when it encounters a big promotion node, an explosion item may issue more than 5,000 pieces from the warehouse in one day.

The “lying purchase model” created by Intime’s new retail has also brought incremental growth to the brand. “At present, the sales brought by online account for nearly 50% of our total sales volume, of which Tmall stores and Guijie stores account for 1:2." The brand of women’s shoes with special counters in Yintai The person in charge of the shoe cabinet said, “And a large percentage of the sales are done at night."

E-commerce is really 24 hours without fighting

“The night economy has become a hot word nowadays. Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places are promoting the night economic development according to local conditions. The physical places are vying to join the night economic army. In fact, the e-commerce platform is a real 24-hour non-snoring and training. Consumers’ night shopping habits.” Liu Hui, chief data officer of Jingdong Big Data Research Institute, told reporters that data on analysis of night economic derivative goods showed that masks, pajamas, beer, instant food and earplugs became orders. The top five items.

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